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Blackfin Tuna Fishing


Blackfin Tuna Size / Weight Range:

It is common to see blackfin tuna from about 2-pounds to about 20-pounds. They can get much larger as seen in most of the meat fish tournaments and may grow to about 40-pounds. 


Blackfin Tuna Fighting Ability:

Excellent. Tuna are excellent fighting fish one of the best pound for pound. For their size they are great fighters on all types of rods and reels including conventional deep-sea fishing rods and reels and on spinning rods and spinning reels. Many people have fun tuna fishing. Blackfins are commonly caught near the surface but may dig down on their hard runs after they notice they are hooked, especially on spinning tackle.


Blackfin Tuna Fishing in Florida - Fishing Techniques:

Trolling, live bait fishing, kite fishing, charter boat fishing and drift fishing are good methods for blackfin tuna fishing in Miami. Trolling is often the most common choice for recreational anglers because a lot of water area is covered while trolling. Kite fishing the more complicated way of tuna fishing but it will award with nice sized tuna if using the right bait.


Types of Bait for Blackfin Tuna Fishing in Miami:

Trolling baits including: ballyhoo, bonito strips, trolling feathers, artificial trolling lures, and trolling spoons. Live bait including: live pilchards, live herring and runners are good baits when live bait fishing.


Blackfin Tuna Fishing in Miami – Rods / Reels / Fishing Equipment:

This usually depends on the angler’s preference and what they are confortable with. When trolling, conventional fishing tackle is usually used because of the extra stiffness of the rod and extra line on the reels. Some anglers prefer to use lighter tackle or spinning rods. When live bait fishing a lighter road is better including lighter conventional reels and rods or spinning tackle.


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