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Dive Shops

This state is bordered with Florida, it has the Atlantic Ocean on the East, this state is known as the peach state.  Their are plenty of water sports to do on the Ocean or on the Savannah River, one of which is Scuba Diving and Snorkling.  When visiting Georgia stop by the city of @ and get some pointers on Diving about splashing, wading, and paddling, or sign up to take a lesson most shops offer beginners to advanced lessons in snorkeling, Free Diving, and Scuba Diving.  The Shops sell and rent Wetsuits, Gauges, Watches, Water Proof Led Lighting, underwater Communication gear, Knives, Backpacks, Clips and Attachments, Spearguns, Googles, Caps, Computer Configeration Console or Wrist, Hookah & Surface Air Systems, Weights, Belts, Hoses, Adaptors Regulators, Underwater Cameras, Videos, Vests, Divers Flag and much more.  Brand Names in Diving equipment, like Apeks, Aqua Lung, Surf Fur, Suunto, Cressi, Edge, Hog, Hyperflex, Innovative Scuba, Koah, Mares, Neosport, Oceanic, Pelican, Sea Elite, Subgear, Tusa and many more.
This state has mountains, Rivers and the Atlantic Ocean on the Coastal Plain of the state.  This state gets mostly all four seasons and Water sports are common among residents and visitors alike.  Try Diving in the Atlantic Ocean while here visit the local Dive Shop in the city of @, they have all your Diving Supplies you will need for your under water adventure.  The Shops Sell or Rent most of the following Masks, Snorkel, Fins, BCD’s, Wetsuits, booties, Regs, Aluminum and Steel Tanks in various sizes, Drysuits, Hoods and Gloves.  Most Dive Shops offer Dive and Scuba lessons with trained certified instructors, Equipment Repair and Maintenance, Regulator Service & Repair and Visual Tank Inspections and Dry Suit common Repairs like Neck Seal, Wrist Seal, Patch Hole or tear, Dry Gloves Install or Replace.  Some shops offer Charter Boats for individuals or groups for a half day for the Diving and Snorkeling thrill.  Most Shops carry Name Brands such as OMS, Cressi, Lava Core, HOG, Ollis, Whites and many more.
This state has 17 major River Basins and has the Atlantic Ocean on the Eastern part of the state, their are also flowing streams that look like waterfalls.  This state gets all four seasons and on the western part of the state are the Appalachian Mountains and Smokey Mountains.  Residents and tourist enjoy the different outdoor activities based on the season Diving is one of those water sport activities never out of season.  Stop by one of the many Dive Shops in the city of @ there you can rent or buy all your gear and equipment, since there is different Diving types some enthusiast like to dive to see old Shipwrecks, Spear Fishing Diving, Shark Diving, Reef Diving and just Technical Diving.  Whatever your reason for Diving is the Dive Shops have everything you need and are knowledgable on the subject, Rentals or Purchases available, Repairs Available, Air and Nitrox Refills available, find out about Diver State requirements, Current Diving Conditions, take Lessons with certified Instructor and you can obtain your certificate.   
This state has forests and is known as a coal mining state as well.  Virginia has the Chesapeake Bay which natures a variety of different animals and sea life like crabs, oysters, clams and more.  The Bay is where many Divers practice their Water Sport, stop by any local Dive Shop in the City of @ and pick up your Gear, have a tank inspection, Need a repair in your wetsuit no Problem.  Most shops offer rental equipment, Lessons in Scuba or Diving for Kids and Adults all levels, some even have summer camp programs for kids.  Most shop carry Name Brands like Scuba Pro, Aqua Lung, Ocean Pro, Mares, Zeagle, Henderson, Bare, Akona, Cetacea, Ikelike, Underwater Kinetics, Princeton Tec, Global, Intova, Reactor, Innovative Scuba, Ocean Technology, Pelican, Ocean Management, Blue Steel, Reef Scuba, Dive Rite, Hyper Flex, Sea Pearls, XS Scuba and many more.  Some shops will rent you the Metal Cage to get that up close experience with the Sharks, offering a guided boat trip for this.  Get you diving certificate from a certified trained instructor.   
This is a small state and has some Rivers and the Delaware Bay, when visiting this state try Diving for an underwater adventure, visit any local Dive Shop in the city of @.  At the Dive Shop you can find all the necessary gear and equipment to have it be a memorable experience, like Wet Suits, Regulator w/ Gauges, BCD, Hood, Gloves, Tanks, Fins, under water Cameras and Video Cameras, Lights, most items are available for rent and much more.  The Dive Shops offer many services like Tank Checks and Oxygen Refills, Wetsuit Repairs, most offer classes on Scuba Diving from beginners to advanced and Summer camps for the Kids.  Most shops carry Name Brands like Akona, Aqua Lung, Bare Wetsuits, Deep see, Dive Rite, Dutch Springs, Genesis Scuba, Ikelite Cameras, Innovative Scuba Concepts, Outer Banks Diving, Sherwood Scuba, Whites Drysuits and many more.  The staff at these shops can help you with any questions you might have with your gear or equipment, and can pin point you to the best Diving Spots in town. 
This state is in the northeastern part of the country and has the Atlantic Ocean on the East side, a famous TV show was filmed here the Jersey Shore which is a tourist destination.  Residents and tourist both enjoy Water sports on the Ocean if you're visiting stop by any one of the city’s @ Dive Shops.  You can Rent or Buy the equipment whether it’s a Wetsuit, Oxygen Tank, Fins, Masks, Lights, Water Camera, Scuba Regulators, Dive Compasses, Pressure Gauges, Dive Watches, Maps, Pony Bottles, Dive Flags, Dive Knives, Wood and Aluminum Spear Guns, Dive Computers, Gloves, Caps and more.  The Dive shops offers Scuba Diving, Snorkel, Life Guard Courses Lesson some offer summer camps and you can obtain your certificate or your license.  Dive shops can show you how to clean and storage your gear also they can refill your oxygen tank and check it for any potential problems.  The Dive Shops can guide you on the best spots for snorkeling and Diving and can give you current weather and water conditions for the day.     
This is the third smallest state by land mass in the US, it has a major River that runs through it the Connecticut River.  This state is also known as the Constitution State, many tourist visit the state while here you can enjoy Scuba Diving.  Just stop by your local Dive Shop in the city of @ and pick up all your gear and equipment, like Regulators, Wetsuits, Tanks, Weight Belt and Weights, Flags, Floats and Line, Hood, Gloves, Compass, Computer, Metal Detectors, Ear Plugs, Zipper Lubricant, Neoprene Socks, Watches, GPS Depth and much more.  Find Name Brands like Scubapro, Oceanic, Henderson, OMS,Hollis, Atomic, Princeton Tec, Bare, Sealife, XSScuba, Sea Pearls, Seasoft, JBL, Subgear, Neosport, Lavacore and more.  Most shops offer Scuba and Diving Lessons from Beginners to Advanced, Diving Shops offer the choice of Rental gear and Diving Classes for all skill Levels, they also sell Diving Instructional Videos.  Most shops provide maintenance for the equipment and Repairs are available.
This is the smallest state in the US and is part of the New England Region, it was once one of the thirteen colonies, it has the Atlantic Ocean to the south of it and nick named the Ocean State.  Locals and visitors alike enjoy water sports here and a nice pass time is Scuba Diving, when here stop by the city’s @ Dive Shop.  You can rent diving gear for the day or purchase it to have all year round, you can take Scuba Diving Lessons with Nitrox, Advanced Nitrox, Decompression Procedures, Extended Range and get certified.  Find all the gear you need such as Backplates and Harnesses to Snorkel Sets, Wetsuits all sizes for Men, Women and Children one piece or two pieces, Spearguns, Watches, Metal Detectors, Aluminum Cages for Shark encounters and much more.  With Diving Name Brand Products such as Apeks, Aqua Lung, Deep See, US Divers, Mares, Atomic Aquatics, Dive Rite, Halcyon, Aeris, Green Force, Pelican, Tusa, JBJ, Omer, SeaLife, UK Light, Pinnacle, Hydroptix and others.  Inquire about Special Diving Spots to the staff they are knowledgeable and know where to go to have the best underwater view.  
This is the most southern state in the continental US it has a tropical climate all year around, it has many native animals and mammals only found here like the West Indian Manatee and has natural and artificial Reefs.  The state is surrounded by water on all three sides the Gulf meets the Atlantic Ocean.  All types of Water Sports take place in Florida including Diving you can find Dive stores and schools throughout the city of @.  South Florida waters in particular are warm and pretty clear, Diving Shops usually offer diving lessons will give you a training course prior to going into the water.  Many Dive Programs are great for vacationers or locals alike, Diving schools have their own boat and take you out into the open Ocean Waters to Dive they have experience with what locations have the best under water life view.  You can get Diving or Scuba certified, the Dive Shops sell or rent Scuba and Dive Gear, like masks, fins, snorkels, wetsuits, tanks, they can also refill the oxygen if your running low.
This state is in the New England northeastern part of the country, and has the Atlantic Ocean to the east, this state is known as the granite state because of all the natural formations.  New Hampshire has many small islands and a river that flows through it, when visiting stop by your local Dive Shop in the city of @ and pick up all your necessary equipment.  The dive shops can give you expert advise on safety and can pin point the best dive areas.  The Dive shops have equipment sales and rentals this includes regulators fro breathing, BCD, Dive Computers, Semi dry Suits, , Service and Repairs, Air Fills, Tri- Mix, Nitrox, Argon, Tank Inspections, Tank Cleaning, Tank Tumbling, Dive Trips, local dive excursions.  Most dive shops offer diving and scuba lessons, from beginners to advanced & technical training.  Diving trips, weekend diving trips, half days or full days, weekend diving, most trips come with all gear and equipment included and some even provide lunch.  Name Brands like SSI, Scuba Diving International, Scuba Pro, Dive Rite, SeaLife.  
This state is on the top corner of the country, it has the Atlantic Ocean to the East and the Canadian province of Quebec to the North.  It has the Great Lakes within the state, rocky coastline, rolling mountains and Waterfalls.  When visiting Maine,stop by your local Dive shop in the city of @ the shops offer many services including filling Air Tank, Visual Inspection, Hydrostatic Test, Cylinder Cleaning, Valve Rebuild, Burst Disk replacement, Regulator Rebuild, Single Stage Service, Console and Gauge, BCD Clean & Service, Wetsuit Repairs, Drysuit Repairs and Drysuit Leak Tests.  If you don’t own your equipment you can always rent it by the piece or as a package including Cylinders in both Aluminum or Steel, Weight Belt, Regulators, BCD, Wetsuits and Scuba gear.  If you have never dived before and need some assistance courses are available and you can obtain your certification.  Accessories available include water cameras, watches, fins, water bags, Spears, Metal Detectors and much more.
This state is in the northeastern part of the country and is the second least populous in the country, Lake Champlain fills half of Vermont it is the sixth largest lake with fresh water in the US.  Many water sports happen on the lake including Diving with Diving enthusiast, to try it out or just get new or updated gear or equipment stop by the city of @ and visit the Dive Shop there.  Choose from Name Brands like Aqua Lung, Suunto, Scuba Pro, Henderson, Halcyon, DUI, Whites, Weezle, Mares, Sealife and many other.  Pick up Regulators, BC’s, Gauges, Masks, Tanks, Wetsuits, Spears, Tools, Compass, Fins, Waterproof Watches, Cameras, instructional videos, Diving Flags and Floats, Water Proof Back Packs, Nitrox.  Most shops offer classes in CPR, First Aid, Dive Rescue, Ship Wreck Diving, Ice Diving, Scuba Diving and more.  The dive shop’s personel can you give up to date information on diving conditions and weather best local spots to Dive to see certain fish or things.  Dive shops also offer equipment maintenance and cleaning, Tank Refills and Repairs.  
This state is in the northeastern part of the US, home of the United Nations Headquarters, the Statue of Liberty and many other monumental landmarks which millions of tourist flock to see.  This is a unique state has a little bit of everything and something for everybody, it has the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast but also has the Hudson River in the eastern part which empties into Lake George and Lake Champlain the northern part of the state.  Residents and visitors alike enjoy the waters in New York since they get all four seasons there.  When in New York in the city of @ stop by the Dive Shop.  There you can find all kinds of water Scuba Equipment with Name Brands like Apeks, Force Fin, Pinnacle, Poseidon, SeaQuest, UK, Water Proof, XS Scuba, Zeagle and many others.  Some Dive Shops offer Travel Diving they plan an excision or trip to a different state or country to look at other exotic Coral Reefs and Fish.  Many also offer Refresher classes if you haven’t dived for a while and want to get back into it.
This state is located in the northern and Mid Atlantic part of the US, this state has Lake Erie which is 57 miles, this is a big lake and spans a few other states.  When in Pennsylvania on vacation or just passing through stop by your local Dive shop there are plenty in the city of@ close to Lake Erie.  At the Dive shop you can pick up all your supplies for Scuba Diving or Deep Diving they have sales and rentals available.  All rentals are constantly getting checked and maintained to perform up to  manufactures specifications for your safety, most rental packages include the Wetsuit, Tanks, Fins, Dive Computers, Mesh Bag and Mask.  At the Dive Shop find accessories like water proof Watches, Cameras, Metal Detectors, Gauges, Hoses, Masks, Water Caps, some shops offer Metal cage Rental to see the Sharks up close and personal.  Most Dive Shops offer Dive and Safety Lessons, Repairs and Maintenance, some offer equipment drop off and pick up service.  Name Brands include Apeks, Aqua Lung, Dacor, Iwatec, Ocennic, Aeris and more.
This state is in the midwestern part of the country, the state gets its official name from the Ohio River Ohio meaning Great River.  The Ohio River is a popular spot to practice all types of water sports, including Scuba Diving or regular diving.  When visiting Ohio come visit one of the many local Dive shops around the River and in the city of @.  The shops are fully equipted with all your Diving supplies, whether your not looking to buy all the equiptment and gear just want to try the sport out then their are rental options available.  Or if you are an experienced diver and need to upgrade or exchange your gear or parts of it, most places trade in used parts.  Most locations off classes in a variety of Diving styles like Scuba Diving, Speciality Diving, Technical Diving, Public Safety Diving, Kids Scuba Diving, Ship Wreck diving and more.  Their are many name Brand Names here are just a few Scuba Pro, Oceanic, DUI, Oceanic, Iavacore, Go Pro, Light Motion, Freestyle, McNett, Underwater kinetics, McNett, Sherwood Scuba, Costa, Pelican and many over.
This state is located in the East South Central Region of the US, they are many Rivers and Lakes in the state.  The residents and visitors enjoy the lakes and rivers for all types of water activities including Diving.  When in Kentucky stop by your local mom and pop Diving shop, they are many located around the lakes and Rivers and in the city of @.  At your local Dive Shops you can find all your necessary gear and equipment, they offer sales and rentals as well.  They have rental packages for one time users or the occasional Diver which includes the Mask, Wetsuit, Fins, Tanks and more you can’t rent them for a half a day or full day.  Dive Shops have special events that divers can participate in on certain calendar days special diving excursions or trips.  At the dive shops, you can find the latest and newest gear like titanium Diving regulators by Atomic Aquatics is is as strong as steel but lightweight and holds up against seawater corrosion, Henderson Aquatics offers a wide range of wetsuit sizes and selection, Mares is a leader in manufacturing state of the art Diving equipment, Sherwood Scuba another great high end dependable performance name brand.  
On the eastern part of the state you have the Appalachian Mountains and on the Western side the Mississippi River, TN is known for being the country music capital and also the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  Many tourist come every year to visit there is so much to do and see here, while in TN stop by one of the many Dive Shops around the River or Lakes in the city of @ and check out the newest Dive Gear and Equipment for your next diving adventure.  Name Brands like Dive Rite is the pioneer of technical Scuba diving equipment, Tusa is the worlds first scuba equipment manufacturers from Japan, Sealife developed the first Sealife underwater Camera in 1993 and in 2000 came out with a new digital underwater camera, Seavision came out with the first custom underwater vision lenses so diver can see the same on land as underwater, Lavacore made the thermal garment under a neoprene wetsuit for added warmth and insulation, Ikelite manufactures underwater photographic digital videocamera stop by a dive shop today to find out more.  
This state is on the southeastern part of the country, this state has one of the longest navigable water ways in the US the Alabama River it is 1,300 miles long.  When in Alabama stop by any one of the city’s @ Dive shops around the River and pick up some new gear and equipment or if you just want to rent some for the day that option is available also.  With many Name Brands to choose from like Innovative Scuba Concepts they have a variety of Scuba Products like Masks, Slap Straps, Clips and Retractors, Freestyle carries a wide range of stylish hi performance Dive Watches, DUI manufactures Drysuits and you can customize your design, Akona makes versatile gear that can be used on land or in the water.  Besides all the necessary gear you will need for your Diving day most shops also offer equipment repairs and check ups and maintenance cleaning for any erosion and such.  Most offer Diving Lessons both for individual and small groups for different types of diving, for example Spear Fish Diving, Photo Diving and others.
This state is located in the midwest part of the country, it has the Great Lakes plus Lake Saint Clair this state is one in which a lot of boating is done along with many Water sports such as Diving.  In the city of @ there are many Dive Shops around the Great Lakes these shops provide many Diving services such as Scuba Dive from beginners to advanced levels and other Diving & Safety, First Aid Lessons with fully certifies instructors, some offer Diving Travel Boats to take the divers out to a specific area, Diving Gear and Equipment Sales and Rentals.  The shops also offer services such as Tank Refills, Hydrostatic art eddy Inspections and visual Inspections, Tank and Gear Equipment Maintenance and Repairs on Wetsuits as well.  Name Brands include Aqua Lung, ScubaPro, Dive Rite, DUI, Henderson, Trident, TYR, Underwater Kinetics, Sherwood, XS Scubs, Princeton Tec, Fourth Element, and many more.  At the shop they can also get you certified and issue your Diving certificate, so stop by today!!        
This state is in the midwestern part of the country, this state has many canals and one that is large and man made the Erie Canal, the state also has the Illinois River and a few Lakes within it.   A great pass time here is being on or in the Water, Diving is an ideal sport, so when visiting IL stop by the local Dive shop in the city of @.  Dive shops are your one stop shop for all the essentials you will need for your Diving trip.  You can pick up Mask, Fins, Wetsuit, Tanks, Spears, Waterproof Bags, Waterproof Watches, Cameras and Video Cameras, Metal Detectors and some specialty items such as Dive Trackers, Dive communication Gear, Oxygen Analyzers.  With Name Brands by Akona, Deep Sea, Dive Alert, Dive Rite, Genesis, Hyperflex, Innovative Scuba, Light & Motion, Manta Bite, McNett, NeoSport, Oceanic, Oceanways, Padi and many more.  While at the Dive shop get local Diving Conditions and Forecast plus some pointers on the best places and spots to Dive.     
This state is located in the Midwest part of the country, WN also has its coastline shoreline with Lake Michigan to the east and Lake Superior to the north and it Wisconsin River in the middle.  Wisconsin is best known for its cheese production and dairy farms, this state gets all four seasons and so being in the water on the warm months is key and so Diving is a great recreational pass time here being that their are a few recorded ship wrecks.  When visiting stop by your local Dive shop in the city of @ and stock up on your essentials, Wetsuit, Tanks, Fins, Masks, Navigator, Waterproof Camera etc.  While at the shop inquire about WN underwater Caves and Ship Wrecks the staff at the shop can give you the exact coordinates and location.  The shop can also refill your tanks if they are running low with Air, Nitrox, Trimix and Argon Fills.  They perform certain services as well such as BCD Inspections, BCD Service, Tank Visual Inspection, Steel Tank 02 Cleaning, Tank Tumbling and so much more.
This state is located in the Southern part of the country, this state has a large French influence because of the history and is best know for Mardi Gras.  However, there is plenty to do here besides party and eat here LA has much to explore it has Coastal Marshland Beaches with Barrier Islands that extends approximately 20,000 square miles.  This relatively warm climate all year round state is a great to practice your Diving whether you are a beginner or an experienced Diver.  As history has it many French, Spanish And English Ships transporting goods passed through these Waters and so many Diver enthusiast look for Treasure on the Ocean floor.  When in LA stop by a the local Dive shop in the city of @ and pick up a Metal Detector, Navigating System, Mask, Fins, Waterproof Bag, Tank and head out to explores these Waters.  The Dive shops have New and Used Gear and Equipment and with Name Brands like Scubamax, Sea & Sea, Sea Vision, Seadive, Sealife Cameras, Sherwood, Spare Air, Tilos, Trident, Tusa and others.
This state is in the midwest part of the country, this state has the Missouri River on the north side of the state and Glaciers plus bluffs throughout the state.  This state has natural lime stone, sinkholes, and caves, and is a prominent state for cotton growing, MO gets all four seasons, and the summers are very hot and humid.  If visiting MO be sure to stop by one of the local Dive shops located around the River and throughout the city of @.  The Dive shops have all the Gear and Equipment you will need for your big day, like Fins, Snorkels, underwater Cameras, Dive Computers, Spears, Tanks, BCD, Regulators, Guages, Computers, Weights, Wet Suits and more.  The shops carry Name Brands such as Scuba Pro, aqua Lung, Atomic Aquatics, Oceanic and many others.  If you are not looking to purchase the gear you can always rent what you need for a full day or half day.  Most shops have Service dept. that can assist you with your equiptment like Annual Inspection, Computer Inspection and Battery Change, Air Tank Refills, Cleaning and Hose check, replacements of any all parts.
This state is in the midwestern part of the country, on the west part of the state is the Big Sioux River, there is the Des Moines River to the north plus Lakes throughout the state.  When visiting the state of Iowa be sure to stop by the local Dive Shops throughout the city of @, the Dive shops carry a vast variety of Equipment and Gear for you to choose from.  Pick up your Scuba Tanks, Wet Suits, Snorkels, Fins, Masks, Underwater Cameras, Video Cameras, Spears, Waterproof Bags and more.  They carry Name Brands such as Akona, Sherwood Scuba, Genesis, XS Scuba, Sealife, Ikelite, Henderson and many more.  If you are new at diving or an experienced diver the Dive shops offer refresher courses, or beginners courses and you can obtain your certificate, the shops also organize Diving trips and excursions to different destinations and locations so there is always something new to explore.  At the shop the staff is able to give you diving conditions and forecast plus can assist you assembling your equipment, refilling your tank.
This state is in the midwestern part of the country, this state is known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes, so lots and lots of Water to Play in and do Water Sports like Diving.  Just like local residents, visitors should stop there local Dive shops and pick up whatever you need for your day out on the water.  The Dive shops can sell or rent you the different accessories and parts you need such as Regulators, BCD’s, Wet Suits, Masks, Fins, Snorkels, Dry Suits, Boots, Hoods, Gloves, Consoles and Computers, Underwater Cameras and much more.  Dive Shops also service or repair scuba equipment parts like; Regulators, BCDS, Cylinders, Valves and Instruments, plus they can Clean and Refill your tank with a variety of fillers to choose from.  Most shops offer Diving Lessons and more like Altitude Diving, Boat Diving, Coral Reef Diving, Deep Diver, Drift Diving, Equipment Specialist, Full Face Diving, Night Diver, Search and Recovery Diver, Wreck Diver, Instructors are certified by Padi and the instructor can issue you a certificate once the course is completed.  
This state is located in the mid south part of the country, this state is the second largest in the US.  This state is on the Gulf Ocean and has many Rivers throughout the state.  When visiting the state of Texas stop by one of the many Dive shops in the area there are some in the City of @ and plan on a day with family or friends in the Water Diving and Exploring.  While at the Dive shop pick up everything you need for the trip like Wetsuits, Tanks, Fins, Masks, Navigator, Gloves, Spears and more.  The shops carry Name Brands like Scuba Pro they manufacture Scuba equipment, UK Underwater Kinetics, they are known for underwater lights and accessories, Sub Gear makes quality diving equipment for Kids and Women, Sealife Specialize in underwater photography introducing the first digital camera, Sea Pearls distribute Scuba Air cylinders, Valves and Weights, Pelican is the global leader in Underwater heavy duty Flashlights, Go Pro also produces Underwater Cameras, so stop by a Dive Shop Today and check out the latest and greatest items!  
This state is in the midwest part of the country, Kansas has many Rivers throughout the state that flow and many residents enjoy the natural Rivers for recreational Water activities like Scuba Diving for example.  When in Kansas visit a local Dive Shop and pick up your essentials for the Scuba Diving day, Wet Suit, Tank, Fins, Mask, Waterproof Containers, Clips, Knives and more.  With Name Brands Scuba Pro and Oceanic, Sherwood, Genesis, Hollis and others, you can find New and Used items, plus all shops offer Rentals so Scuba Diving can be made available for all different types of budgets.  Most shops offers Service on equipment, such as Spare Air Annual Check, Regulator Service, BCD service and wash, Tank Cleaning, Tank tumbling, Replace Computer Batteries, Install Hose Protectors, Install New Hoses, Upgrade Jet Fin Straps, Tank Hydro & Visual Inspection.  Some Dive shops will host special Diving events for people to participate in at certain locations, have underwater Treasure Hunting Tours etc.
Located in the central part of the country, this state has 500 named water creeks and Rivers and 200 Lakes that were created by the dams.  When visiting this state stop by your local Dive Shop in the city of  and pick up some New or Used Gear and Equipment for the trip.  The Dive Shops offer a wide variety of merchandise to choose from in different sizes and colors.  Pick up your Wet Suit, Fins, Masks, Waterproof Bag, Camera, Spear and much more.  The Shops carry Name Brands like Aqua Lung, Apeks, Akona, Deep See, Scuba Pro, DUI, Henderson, Hollis, Innovative Scuba Concepts, Suunto, Light & Motion, McNett, Neo Sport, Ocean Reef, Tridents, underwater Kinetics, Pelican, Padi, XS Scuba, Sea & Sea, Reef Master, Sea Quest, Sherwood and many others.  Many shops have Demo dept. were you can try on the gear and even use it for a few days before you make a purchase so you will buy the best gear that suits you best.  Once you purchase new equipment, any future maintenance you might need can be done right there at the shop.
This state is located in the midwest part of the country, it has three Rivers that cross the entire state from east to west the Platte, Niobrara and Republican, River.  There is an amazing world to undercover underwater so next time your by the Water try out Scuba Diving and see what you can discover, stop by your local Dive Shop located in the city of .  At the Dive Shop you will find everything you will need for your expedition from Computers, Regulators, Compensators, Masks, Fins, Wetsuits, Dry Suits, Cameras, Cylinders, Bags, Boots, Knives and more.  The shops offer other services also such as Regulator Cleaning, O Rings and Hoses checked, BCD Compensator device checked for Leaks or loose thread or contaminates inside, Dive Computer and Hose Condition and Battery checked, Spare Air Cylinder requires inspection and every 5 year the Hydrostatic Inspection.  Most shops have Special Diving Events Planned throughout the year for example Diving Trips to other countries and even local chartered trips are scheduled for all divers who want to participate.  
This state is located in the mid west part of the country, SD has two Rivers directly in the middle of the state the East River and West River.  The state gets all four seasons, and the Rivers it is told have pre-historic paddle fish.  When visiting the state come enjoy the River and all the natural resources here, stop by a local Dive Shop in the city of  and pick up all your equipment and gear for the adventure.  At the Dive shops you will find complete Diving systems which include the BCD with Secondary air, Regulator, Wetsuits or Drysuits.  The shops have Rental equipment if you are just starting out diving, New and Used equipment is for sale, they carry Name Brands such as H@Odyssey, Akona, Scuba Pro, Sherwood, Fusion, Genesis Response, Sea Dart and many more.  The shops have a variety of Masks that they will fit for you and if you need prescribed lenses for your make they can custom made it for you.  In the Scuba Diving Selection you will find Boots, Fins, Gloves, Water Bags, Spears, Water Proof Cameras and Video Cameras, Watches, Snorkels, Vests, Diving Flags and more.
This state is in the western part of the country, Wyoming has the least population of all 50 states, the state has a very huh elevation.  This state has a few Rivers that flow through it like Big Horn River, Green River and Snake River.  Local residents and visitors alike enjoy the River for recreation and exploration like Scuba Diving.  When heading to the River visit your local Dive shop in the city of  and there you will find everything you need for your Diving experience.  The Dive Shops carry an array of Supplies, Gear and Equipment, they can also issue Certification, Repairs on Wetsuits for holes patches etc. Regulators, Tanks, Rentals and have Name Brands such as Oceanic, underwater Kinetics, Deep Sea and many more.  Some shops offer Diving Lessons for different types of Diving like Salvage work, Underwater Recovery or Guide Service for specific Diving hot Spots, also some shops offer proper Fittings for size and needs.  All shops have Tank Refills available with Regular Air or Nitrox.  
This state is in the western part of the country and gets its name from the Spanish word Montana which means mountain.  This state has Rivers, Lakes, Creeks and Glaciers most are surrounded by mountains picturesque scene.  Residents and tourist alike enjoy water sports on the Waters including Diving so when heading out to the water swing by a local Dive shop located in the city of.  At the Dive shop you will find Wetsuits, BCD, Regulators, Dry Suits, Harnesses, Hoods, Boots, Tanks, Fins, Masks & Snorkel, Weights and more.  Shop have Name Brands such as Aqua Lung they manufacture Dive Computers and Apek Regulators, Oceanic known for Diving innovation, Tusa manufacture Masks and Gear, Hollis manufacture Backplates, Drysuits and Regulators, Sherwood Scuba prides itself on reliability of their products, Genesis Scuba manufacture Regulators, Go Pro makes Water Video and Photography easy, DUI makes Steel Tanks and Big Blue make Dive Lights to enhance your diving.  Most shops offer Repairs on Wetsuits, Scuba Cylinder and Valve Repairs, Computer Battery Replacement and more. 
This state is in the Pacific northwest part of the country, this state is known for its’ lumber production all types of wood.  WA has numerous islands along the Salish Sea and with Bays carved out by Glaciers it is quite the Water Scene and many residents and visitors enjoy Water activities such as Scuba Diving.  At the Dive shops you will find everything you need such as Packages which include Fins, Snorkel and Masks, BCD, Alternate Air Source, Wet Suits, Gloves, Tanks, Regulators, Bio tank Lock, Spring Strap Set, Spear Guns, Dive Computers, Cutting Tools, Dive Lights, Cameras, Watches, Anti Fog Inserts, Flashlights, Wet Suits, Dry Suits, Under garment Apparel and much more.  Dive Shops offer many services besides just New and Used Gear, they can Repair Regulators, O2 Cleaning, BCD Leak Test ing and Patching, for Dry Suits they can replace or repair or install Wrist and Neck Seals, Dry Hoods, Latex Socks, Pockets, Knee Pads, Zippers, Patching, Seams, Air Leak Test and more.  Some Dive shops offer classes and guided Dive Trips certain days of the month.
This state is in northwest part of the country known for their potatoes and gems, but this state also has many Rivers such as Clearwater River, Salmon River, Boise River and Lost Range River.  When visiting Idaho be sure to stop a local Dive shop in the city of  and pick up all your necessary gear and equipment, even if you already have everything you can upgrade it or exchange it for a Newer version.  The Dive shops have Rentals equipment available if you don’t want purchase the entire package.  You can always buy individual pieces such as Masks, Fins, Gloves, Spears, Flash Lights, Water Proof Cameras and Video Cameras, Tanks, Weights, Wet Suit and Dry Suits, Prescribed Lenses for your Mask and much more.  Most shops have custom orders available if requested and Proper Fittings, Diving Lessons for all types like Ship Wreck Diving and actually get to see and touch the abandoned ship, Rescue and Recovery Diving and Deep Water Diving.  Most shops can give you advise on the local best spots for diving, Water conditions and forecast.  
This state is in the Pacific northwest part of the country and has a coastline with the Pacific Ocean.  The state has an abundance of bodies of Water from the cascades left over from the volcanoes.  When in Oregon, stop by any of the local Dive Shops in the city of and pick up all your gear and equipment choose from New or Used you can also Rent some Scuba Diving Packages with include Mask, Fins, Wet Suits, Snorkel.  Most shops will encourage you to take a refresher diving course if you haven’t dived in a while for safety reasons, if you haven’t ever dived you will need to take a beginners course and get certified by an instructor, Lessons are given in groups or individual lessons.  Dive Shops carry Name Brands such as Aqua Lung, Atomic, Big Blue Dive Lights, Deep See, Dive Alert, Force Fins, Henderson, Innovative, Intova, McNett, nautilus, Oceanic Suunto, Seacure, Watershot, Tusa, Tridents, XS Scuba and many more.  Most shops can make Repairs to existing Wetsuits if they need patching or if you need reinforcements around the wrist or neck.
This state is located in the Western part of the country, Utah has many Lakes such as Lake Bonneville, Sevier Lake, Rush Lake and natural underwater Springs that rise to the top from the ground.  Many Utah residents enjoy the Lakes for all their Water Sports Activities, when visiting Utah stop by one of the many local dive shops located in the city of  and pick up all your gear and equipment for your Diving Day.  At the shop you can find Masks, Fins, Tanks, Snorkels, Wetsuits, Spears, Gloves, Flash Lights, Water Proof Cameras and Video Cameras, Water Bags, Watches and more.  Rent gear also like Regulators, Regulators with Computers, Air Tanks, Hoods, Weight Belt, Weight Bricks and more.  With Name Brands like Scuba Pro, Oceanic, Zeagle and Bare just to name a few.  Most Dive Shops offer classes with a Padi Certified Instructor for beginners to advanced in groups or individual lessons, all lessons include the equipment.  Diving Lessons can be for Rescue Diving, Advanced Open Water Diver, Adventure Diver, Open Water Diver, Boat Diver, Night Diver, Underwater Photography. 
This state is located in the western part of the country, Nevada has many Rivers such as Humboldt River and Carson River the Lakes are Walker Lake and Pyramid Lake.  With so many bodies of Water around, a day of Diving would be a great pass time with family and friends, stop by one of the many local Dive Shops in the city of .  At the Dive shop you will find all the essentials for a day in the Water including Fins, Masks, Tanks, Snorkels, Wet Suits, Hoses, Regulators, BCD, Water Bags, Tools, Knives, Hoods, Gloves, Diving Flags and much more.  The shops carry Name Brands such as IST Proline, Tusa, Scuba Max, JBL, Promate, Trident, Arrow Weights, Aquabionic, Kapitol Reef and others.  The Dive shops offer other services than just sales, they can help you set up you equipment, inspect and test your equipment for any faults, most offer instructional Lessons for a fee and that you can become certified in choose from High Altitude Diver, Artifact Diver, Boat Diver, Research Diver, Search and Recovery Diver, Rocks Rips and Reef Diver, Eco Diver, Night Diver and others.
This state is located in the southwestern part of the country, this state has very little water its water area is about 650km or 250 square, but it does have the Rio Grande (which means in Spanish Big River) which is the longest River in New Mexico.  When in New Mexico stop by the Dive Shop in the city of  and pick up all you equipment and gear to Scuba Dive or regular Diving in the River.  At the Dive shops they offer daily Rentals which include Wetsuit, BCD, Regulators and Gear Bag you can rent them for the day and some shops will even deliver and pick up the equipment to your location for a fee.  At the shop you can find Lights, Tanks, Masks, Noise Makers/ Signaling Devices, Mouth Pieces/ Straps, Dive Logs, Gear Clips, Cameras, Wetsuits for Men, Women and Kids, Dry Suits, Dive Skin and Rash Guards, Spears, Books and DVD’s, Boots, Hoods, Gloves, Dive Knives and Tools, Dive Computers & Compasses and much more.  All shops offer PADI Dive Courses that are all taught by a licensed Instructor that can issue upon completion your own Diving Certification.
This state is in the southwestern part of the country, AZ is the second state in the US that does not observe daylight savings time HI being first.  AZ has a few Lakes while temperatures in the summer can reach 53 C or 128 F the Lake is a nice place to cool off and enjoy some Water activities such as Diving for instance.  Residents and visitors alike should stop by the nearest Dive Shop located in the city of  and choose New, Used or Rentable Gear & Equipment with Brand Names such as Sherwood Genesis, Akona, Atomic, Aeris, Aqua Lung, Dive Rite, Oceanic, Scuba Pro and dozens more.  If Renting is your thing choose from Daily, Weekend or Weekly rental options which include your BCD, Wet Suit, Gear Bag, Regulator/Octopus/Computer/Compass, Weights and Air Refills.  Dive shops can also Service or Repair your existing equipment they offer Regulators 1st and 2nd stage annual check ups, BCD Service, Computer and Depth Gauge checks recreational 130 ft below and technical 230 ft below the water surface, Rebuild of Swivel Pin Air Spool and other valuable services.
This state is located in the upper midwestern part of the country, ND has the Red River of the North, the glacial Lake Agassiz and Devils Lake the largest natural lake in the state is found to the east.  When heading to the Rivers or Lakes make sure to stroll by your local Dive Shop in the city of  and check out what New or Updated Dive gear is available from Regulators, Alternate Air Source, Buoyancy Compensators, Water Proof Watches, Gauges and Compasses, Press Gauges, Fins, Masks, Snorkels, Line Markers and Reels, Apparel, Wetsuits and Rashguards, Boots, Gloves, Hoods, Bags, Retractors, Hangers ,Slates, Signaling Devices, Floats, Flags, Knives & Accessories, Retractor Kits, Snorkel, Metal Detectors and much more.  With Name Brands like Aqua Lung, Apek, Pinnacle, Tusa and others plus the dive shops offer Hydro Test and Visual on Scuba Tanks, internal Cleaning, Valve Overhauls for the K Valve, J Valve and Twin Manifold, Compressor Repair, S.P.G. w/ Hose Cleaning and Service and so much more.     
This state is located in the western part of the country, it is the third largest state in area and is divided into two regions of CA southern and Northern and in the center of the state are valleys.  This state has a lot to offer its tourist alike you have mountains, valleys, Sacramento River, Canals, Channel Islands on Pacific Ocean and great Beaches.  The residents in this state are known for being very active in the water scene known for surfing, fishing and all water sports including Diving.  When in CA stop by any local Dive shop around the city of  and check out the latest and greatest State of the Art Gear and Equipment, don’t want to purchase New Equipment on a budget no problem.  All Dive shops offer Used and equipment for Rent on a daily, weekend or weekly basis,Rental packages come with the essentials for diving Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Regulator, Tank, Hood, Wet Suit, Weights Belt, Dive Lights etc. Rentals are available for Men and Women in different sizes.  Some Dive shops offer Guided Snorkel or Diving Trips locally and in different countries like Cozumel.
This state is located on the Oceania and this is the only state in the US that is made up of 8 islands 7 of which are lived on.  Hawaiian people and residents are always surrounded by the Ccean and in general it is a way of life here.  Hawaii is known to host World Renowned Water Sporting Competitions so when visiting HA expect to be in the Water and what a great opportunity to do some Scuba Diving and fall into amazment under the Sea.  While here visit one of the many local Dive Shops located in the city of , their you can pick up all your Gear and Equipment and even some pointers on the best spots to dive for Coral Reefs, Famous Ship Wrecks such as the Sea Tiger YO-257, Shark Watching in the Cage or whatever you are looking to explore underwater from shop owners to the local people.  At the Dive shops they can help you set up your equipment, custom fit to your individual likes, get the local diving condition forecast for the day.  The Dive Shop can set you up with a Guided Boat Diving Trip, Refill your Tanks with Air and double check everything is working properly before you head out.  
This state is located in the northwest part of the country and borders with Russia, the climate here is warm in the summer in some parts it can reach up to 80’s but winters can go below -80 F.  Tourist from all over the world come to AK to see all of its natural beauty with its glaciers and snow covered mountains and many enjoy being on the water as it is very popular here Divers like to explore these Waters as there are wild species here not found in any other waters and wild life too like polar bears, seals and specific types of salmon fish.  While visiting this natural wonder of the world stop by your local Dive Shop in the city of  and pick up all your essentials.  The Dive shops carry a wide variety of merchandise Equipment and Gear such as Masks, Fins, Hoods, Tanks, Spears, Regulators, Inflator, Dive Wrist Computer, Boots, Wet Suits, Dry suits and more.  The shops also can check your equipment for any imperfections in your gear or equipment, they can make Repairs like patching or reenforcing Wetsuit wrist and neck areas.  The shops carry Name Brand Names such Spectra, Nexus, Scuba Pro, Knight Hawk and more.
This state is located in the western part of the country in the Rocky Mountains, known for it great high peak winter slopes for skiing.  Colorado is also great for Water Sports such as Scuba Diving CO has many Lakes, Ponds, and Rivers.  Stop by one of the many Dive shops located in the city of  and stock up on everything you need to go diving such as Wet Suits, BCD’s, Dive Skins, Watch Computers, finger Spool, Anti-Fog Inserts, Head Strap Quick Clip, Power Inflator, Gauges, Gloves, Hoods, Boots, Lights, Masks, Regulators, Snorkels, Knives, Water Bags, Fins, and much more.  The shops carry many Name Brands such as Cressi, Oceanic Jetpack, Scuba Pro, Sherwood, Zeagle, Atomic, Bare, Henderson, Go Pro, Henderson, Lavacore, Seasoft, Sub Gear, Tabata, Tusa, XS Scuba, Suunto, Light & Motion, McNett, Ocean Global, Innovative Scuba Concepts, Stahlsac, Submersible System, Uwatec and many others.  The Dive Shop also offers Diving classes for all types of Diving style from Beginners to Advanced Specialty Diving such as Deep Diving, Altitude Diving, Photography Diving, Disabled Diving, Kids Diving, Technical Diving and others.  
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