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Kiteboarding Lessons


SOUTH CAROLINA Kiteboarding Lessons

This state is located in the south east part of the country, on the east coastline is the Atlantic Ocean, SC also has several major Lakes that cover over 683 sq. miles (1,770 km2) according to Wikipedia like the Marion and Russell Lake.  NC has all four seasons so on the warm months residents and visitors enjoy Water Sports such as Kiteboarding, stop by and take a lesson in the city of @.  You can choose from a Private Customized Kiteboarding Lesson which focuses on your abilities and sets a goal to reach wether your advanced or a beginner student.  Their is also Semi-Private Lessons for you and one other person to perfect your riding abilities, all classes are taught by certified PASA instructors.  If you don’t own a kiteboard it’s okay because the lesson includes the kite board, kite and life vest, GA even has a special Kiteboarding Resort dedicated to kiteboarding and surfing it’s called the Hatteras Kiteboarding Resort here there is a kiteboarding school and shop, the resort and kiteboarding lessons are designed arounds the outer banks ideal for kite boarders. 

NORTH CAROLINA Kiteboarding Lessons

This state is located in the eastern part of the country, it has the Atlantic Ocean on the east coastline of the state, there are also some Lakes, Rivers and Basins within the state.  According to Wikipedia there is an Atlantic Seaboard fall line which marks the elevation at which waterfalls first appeared on streams and Rivers this is unique to this state.  Water Sports can be seen at and around many bodies of water here in NC, Kiteboarding is one of them pick up a lesson in the city of @.  Lessons range from beginners to advanced and includes the boat board racks, coolers, equipment and lessons can be videotaped for a fee.  The instructors are certified and they can guide you to the best kiteboarding locations on any day depending on the weather.  There are even some kiteboarding camps available to kids during the summer months, great exercise and the camp teaches confidence in the water with safety instruction including rip currents, wind direction and determining kiteboarding conditions.

NEW JERSEY Kiteboarding Lessons

This state is located on the east north part of the country, to the southeast is the Atlantic Ocean, NJ has Rivers  and to the north Lakes.  Kiteboarding has increased in popularity over the last 15 years and NJ isn’t left behind jumping on the wagon with the sport.  Local residents and tourist head to the Ocean or Lake’s Bay or Kite Island to soak up the sun and watch or practice the sport of kiteboarding, lessons are available in the city of @.  Kiteboarding lessons are available for people 18 and older, all gear, equipment and vest are included with lessons.  Once you have taken the lessons and get certified and are ready to fly around on your own the same kiteboarding school usually carry preowned and new gear for purchase.  While taking the lessons you will also learn how to take care of your board and kite as far as storage, transporting, carrying and cleaning/preserving.  Boards and Kites should be checked and insppected every year prior to use in the water, if a part needs to be replaced the kite school can guide you on what to do to correct or fix the problem.   

DELAWARE Kiteboarding Lessons

This state is located in the east upper north part of the country, this is a small state but has the Delaware Bay and Delaware River to enjoy Water Sports like Kiteboarding.  Residents and tourist head down to the water on warm months and enjoy Kiteboarding stop in at your local kiteboarding school located in the city of @ and take a lesson or two.  In the warm months out of the year, typical wind speed is 16mph, the thrill of kiteboarding can be exhilarating you are sailing, riding waves, jumping through the air, you can try out some new tricks, this sport is a combination of water sports.  If you are an advanced kiter a refresher lesson is all you might need, lesson vary in duration from 1 to 3 hours, gear, equipment, boat, radio receiver provided if deemed necessary for first time in flight and life vest included.  When getting ready to take a lesson wear the booties or non slip water shoes for a good grip on the board, plus sun screen, fluids like water to stay hydrated and towel. 

MARYLAND Kiteboarding Lessons

This state is located mid eastern part of the country, has the Atlantic Ocean on the east coastline and on the south the Potomac River is flowing.  When in MD be sure to stop in the city of @ and inquire about kiteboarding lessons they are usually located around the bodies of Waters they provide the kite gear, harness and safety equipment, helmet, life vest, IKO kite boarders handbook.  Lessons vary you can take an introductory class learn how to handle the kite and what kite surfing is.  Second level up is Flying the Power Kite; here you learn how to setup and your kite, safety equipment and procedures, body dragging and self landing.  The third level up is actually riding the board itself, launching and landing the kite, working with the board and learn steady pulling and strength strokes.  For the more advanced rides level four teaches right of way rules, start to upwind and choosing the appropriate gear for you.  In the fifth stage you no longer are in need of an instructor and are independent to practice kiteboarding.

GEORGIA Kiteboarding Lessons

This state is located in the most south east part of the country, with the Atlantic Ocean to the east and Rivers & Lakes throughout, GA is a good place to try out Kiteboarding Lessons.  When in the city of @ stop by a local Kiteboarding shop and they can usually inform you where you can take a lesson or the best spots to go kiteboarding like Tybee Island and Jekyll Island to name a few.  Kiteboarding is a few sports intertwined into one while you get a very good workout in the process you have to be prepared physically and safety wise as to avoid injury.  Kiteboarding lessons will also teach you how to tell if the weather conditions are good for kiteboarding that particular day, weather conditions play a huge factor in a good kiteboarding day.  During the kiteboarding lessons you will learn how to set up your equipment, release and retrieval in an emergency, deep and shallow waters, launching and water relaunching.  All lessons include equipment, and can be done as a private lesson one on one with the instructor or semi-private in a small group of 3.

PENNSYLVANIA Kiteboarding Lessons

This state is located in the mid northeast side of the country, the name PA is German, according to Wikipedia there are 490 square miles of inland bodies of water such as small Lakes, Streams and Rivers and one huge Lake named Lake Erie 749 square miles of it fill in PA.  Many tourist visit PA every year and hang out and play in and around famous Lake Erie there you will find many Visitors Kiteboarding in the city of @.  In and around the Lake you will find Kite Boarding Lessons being offered they supply the Gear, Equipment, Helmet and Life Vest.  The lessons are held usually between one to three hours, you should bring your own Towel, Sun Block, Booties or Water Shoes and plenty of liquids to stay hydrated when out in the water.  Lessons can be Private or Semi-Private with a small group of three, all lessons must be reserved in advance as instructors and gear are limited.  The lessons will give you knowledge on what is good kiteboarding weather and the fundamentals for having a flying high fast good time.     

VERMONT Kiteboarding Lessons

This state is located in the east upper north part of the country, on the western border of VT there is Lake Champlain a large fresh water lake, there are also other smaller Lakes within the state and the Winhall River.  VT has one of the oldest coral reefs around the Chazy Reef it is over 20,000 years old, VT gets all four season per year, so in the summer many folks do recreational and Water Sports activities around the Lake.  The Lake is great for Kiteboarding because of the elevation of the state the winds are strong while the lake water is calm.  When in VT take up a Kiteboarding Lesson from one of the many Kiteboarding schools in the city of @, if a first timer you can learn the fundamentals of Kiteboarding such as understanding the wind window, knowledge of the requirements for a safe boarding environment, learn the skills to handle and steer the control bar, knowing the proper stance, how to use the harness, self rescue and you're knowing safety and responsibility to yourself, others and the  surrounding areas.    

MAINE Kiteboarding Lessons

This state is located in the northeast part of the country, ME has the Atlantic Ocean to the east and is part of the Great Lakes also to the north.  During the warm months in ME you can see residents in the Waters practicing Kiteboarding a fairly new sport, as long as the weather is favorable you can take a kiteboarding lesson in the city of @.  When you take lessons you will learn launching, landing techniques, self rescue, board recovery and more.  The lessons are approved by the PASA and instructors follow their guidelines.  The Kiteboarding lessons are executed with the newest state of the art equipment, this is important because the new kites and boards make the riding faster and easier with Name Brands like RPM, Rally’s, Z’s, Slingshot, West, Dakine and Tubines.  The only gear that is not included in the lessons are the gloves and booties, those the kiter has to bring.  The lessons are usually on the weekends and they offer KiteBoarding Clinics for those who want to just freshen up there existing skills or be up to date with the latest kiteboarding tricks and techniques.  

NEW HAMPSHIRE Kiteboarding Lessons

This state is located in the upper northeast part of the country, NH has an abundance of natural granite formations and is known for its’ winter skiing and summers on the Lake staying in the cottages, there are over 900 Lakes in NH plus Rivers according to wikipedia.  When summer hits it’s only normal that local residents and visitors head toward these Lakes that are surrounded by lush forests.  Here in NH they offer Kiteboarding Lessons all year around with heavy neoprene wetsuits the cold is not a problem.  When in the city of @ be sure to stop by your local kite boarding school or shop and find out when and where the lessons are being held, lessons are usually from one to three hours long and include all the necessities like the gear, equipment, life vest and helmet.  At the completion of your final lesson your certified instructor will issue you a certificate of completion, with all the lessons the instructors will go over any new laws and tricks in the sport.  Most kite board schools use name brand equipment like Ikon, Ozone, HQ and others.  

MASSACHUSETTS Kiteboarding Lessons

This state is located in the north eastern part of the country, it is also part of the New England Region, on the east side is the Atlantic Ocean, within the state is the MA Bay and Charles River.  When visiting MA be sure to stop by a Kiteboarding School in the city of @ and try out one of the newest Water Sports around, lessons are available for the amateur to an advanced Kiter.  The lessons are instructed by professional certified instructors around town at the local Beach, Bay or River, lessons are typically one to three hours long.  The lessons include all gear, equipment, boat and life vest, all lessons can be Private or Semi-Private with a small group of three, classes are generally on the weekends.  All classes wether your a beginner or advanced kiter go over all the rules and regulations of kite boarding and any new requirements or changes in the industry.  The water lessons can be video taped if requested for an additional fee, extra time can also be added if requested all lessons must be reserved in advance.  The day of the lesson you should bring sunscreen, towel, your booties and plenty of fluids to stay hydrated on the water.  

CONNECTICUT Kiteboarding Lessons

This state is located in the north eastern upper part of the country, it is part of the New England region with Rivers like the CT River.  Kiteboarding is a fairly new water sport, the only requirement is you need nature wind blowing without any wind well your dead in the water.  CT residents and visitors alike utilize the Lakes and Rivers to practice the sport, kiteboarding lessons are available in the city of @.  Kiteboarding Lessons help you learn and determine weather conditions, and what type of board is best to buy or use depending on your weight.  The kites also vary in size each kite has a wind range for which every kit has been tested, most kites have  two to four power strings.  The lessons will teach you about safety and regulations that need to be followed when actively participating in the sport, how to set up your gear and how to carry and store for your gear correctly.  Lessons include the gear, equipment, harness and life vest and boat students should bring their own booties shoes or non slip shoes to best grip the board.

VIRGINIA Kiteboarding Lessons

This state is located on the east part of the country, VA has the Blue Ridge Mountains and Chesapeake Bay which divides the two county peninsula, VA has a few Rivers flowing through it as well.  When visiting VA be sure to stop by the city of @ and take a kite board lesson, even if you have kite boarded in the past a refresher class is a good idea.  Refresher classes keep you up to date with all the latest and newest techniques and safety rules and etiquette, fellow kiteboarder type of courtesy rules between each other, land control is just as important as water control.  In beginner Lessons you will learn how to handle flying a 4 line power kits, the power zone/strokes, set up (rigging & line management) plus launching and landing.  In the water part of the lesson you will learn self rescue skills, using a harness, water launching, body dragging and upwind drag.  In the final lesson you will learn how to tune your own kite, water starting, edging the board and much more.  All lessons have to be reserved prior to the actual lesson.  

FLORIDA Kiteboarding Lessons

This state is located in the south most part of the country it is a peninsula; surrounded by water on three sides, the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Gulf of Mexico on the west.  Florida is a tropical paradise and tourist come and visit us from all over the world, with warm to hot temperatures all year around no wonder Water Sports are a must do sport here like Kite Boarding.  Kite Boarding according to wikipedia is a surface water sport that combines aspects of wake boarding, windsurfing, surfing, paragliding, skateboarding snowboarding, and gymnastics all in one water sport.  When in FL be sure to take up a lesson in the city of @ you can start with a ground lesson required before a water lesson to make sure you are in the right sport, lessons are usually 2 hours long you are required to wear water shoes or reef booties.  Kiteboarding Instructors are certified and follow strict guidelines and PASA rules, upon the completion of the course students will receive a certificate.

NEW MEXICO Kiteboarding Lessons

This state is located in the south western part of the country, NM has a vast array of different land masses from mountain peaks, canyons, forests, caverns, and a mountain called White Sand Mountain made up of pure white sand as is open all year round.  Here you can kite board on sand just like on a beach but without the water,  if you prefer to water Kiteboarding there are plenty of Lakes as well as on the border a couple miles of the Gulf of Mexico Ocean.  In the city @ you can find a number of kite boarding training being offered and taught and in one of the best beginners cities to do so.  Engaging and investing in Kiteboarding Lessons are an easy way to learn and experience this extreme sport.  At the entry level the certified instructor will show you the steps to setting up your equipment, flying technics, safety rules, piloting the inflatable trainer kite, water launching and body dragging in the water, the only requirement is that you know how to swim obviously.  The beginner classes are generally 3 hours long and can be taken privately or within a small group.

UTAH Kiteboarding Lessons

This state is located in the mid west part of the country, UT has many Lakes such as Sevier, Great Salt and Rush Lakes along with the Great Basin, large Springs and Wetlands.  UT get all four seasons so Water Kite Boarding is practiced here during the spring and summer months and Snow Kite Boarding is practiced her during the winter months.  Around the lakes in the city of @ you will find kite boarding schools offering Lessons in whichever type of kite boarding you are wanting to learn or freshen up your skills on.  Kite boarding is a great way to enjoy the fresh air outside and stay in good physical shape, kite boarding class sites vary and availability vary depending on weather conditions, you must pre register to join a class.  Some kite schools offer summer and winter camps specializing in kite riding and training for the different weather seasons.  All lessons include all the gear and equipment needed you will just have to bring your own snow shoes for snow kiting or booties for water kite boarding.

WASHINGTON Kiteboarding Lessons

This state is located in the Pacific Northwest part of the country, its’ western coastline is on the Pacific Ocean, while to the east you have Rivers WA is named after Americas first president George Washington according to Wikipedia.  During the warm months resident and tourist head out the Ocean and practice there water sports, Kite boarding has grown in popularity here over time.  When in the city of @ stop by a Kiteboarding school and wether your an experienced kiter and just need a refresher course which is recommended yearly just to keep the kiter up to date on current Kite boarding rules, safety and to preview the latest gear and equipment available on the market today.  Some Kite Boarding schools also offer services such as kite and gear repairs, expert advise, best travel places and deals for Kite boarding.  If you would like to become a IKO Certified and Insured instructor some Kite Boarding Schools offer that as well it’s called a IKO Certified Training Program so you will be able to teach and train others after you.  

OREGON Kiteboarding Lessons

This state is located in the Pacific Northwest part of the country, the Pacific Ocean is on the west coastline of the state on the eastern side there are several Rivers throughout.  Oregon is a great place to learn how to Kite Board it has reliable, predictable and steady winds, the beach is sandy and water is shallow.  In and around the city of @ by the Ocean and Rivers you can spot Kiteboarding lessons being held, all lessons include the Life Vest, Kite, Harness, Helmet and Board.  At the beginners level the instructors will teach you on the ground prior to advancing to stage two where you actually get in the water.  At the ground level students will learn about wind theory and wind window, weather conditions, choosing a Kite boarding location the less people are around the better, kite set up using a 4 line inflatable kite, rider responsibility and safety rules and regulations, flying techniques and skills.  In the second level you will learn self rescue techniques, assisted launching and landing of the kite, Kite Power and De-powering of the full size kite.

IDAHO Kiteboarding Lessons

This state is located in the north west part of the country, ID is a mountainous state and borders, Canada on one side, within the state there are well over twenty Lakes  like Brush, Dawson and Hidden Lake these are fairly large while the rest are smaller in size and there are a few Rivers within ID.  Kite Boarding is an extreme sport and can be practiced on water or snow it can however be a dangerous if you are not prepared and well trained.  In the city of @ you can pick up a lesson or series of lessons     in kite boarding you want to make sure the school or instructor is insured and certified through the PASA (Professional Air Sports Assoc.) this way you are sure to get all the necessary information set up, flying control, safety and that the equipment the student will be using is up to date well kept and thoroughly checked.  All lessons include the gear, equipment, harness and helmet, a kite harness goes around the kiter and hooks to the actual kite control bar, harnesses are normally made of neoprene and foam.  There are different shaped harnesses seat, vest and waist.  

HAWAII Kiteboarding Lessons

This state is the 50th named state in the US it consists of eight island all islands are in the Oceania, HI has an abundance of natural wonders on and around the islands from the fruits, plants, landscape, culture and all on the Tropical Pacific Ocean.  HI is known around the world as one of the Water Sports Capitals, they host annually different competitions and events from surfing to kiteboarding.  In HI having fun in and around the water is a way of life your surrounded by it, when visiting HI in the city of @ you can find lessons and retail shops on all types of water sports.  The newest water sport is Kite Boarding and no better place to learn than here in paradise, so visit a local kite board school or shop and inquire about lessons within, they can also tell you the best locations on the island to kite board, give you a gear check and update you on any new etiquette and hand signals, plus let you know current weather conditions.   The island of Kailua is known according to kiters to have regular wind 12-35 knots plus you have year round temperatures of 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  

ARIZONA Kiteboarding Lessons

This state is located in the south west part of the country, it is one of the four corner states of the US, AZ is typically hot with mild simmers according to Wikipdeia.  While it is mainly desert, there are a few Lakes around and on the coastline is the Pacific Ocean, so if your idea of heading to the Beach or Lake is boring you should try kiteboarding a thrilling action packed ride of a lifetime.  Before setting off on your new venture you should take kiteboarding lessons to ensure you are safely and correctly setting up the equipment, lessons also help you decide what type of kite boarder you are maybe just want to glide on the water or fly through the air.  Plus the certified instructors can help you select the appropriate gear for you based on weight and height.  Lessons can be taken Privately as in one on one so you get undivided attention or you can take lessons smaller groups, lessons are from 1.5 hour to 3 hours and vary in locations and days.  Lesson include all the gear and equiptment you will need including the board, kite, harness and life vest. 

ILLINOIS Kiteboarding Lessons

This state is located eastern central part of the country, known for its’ natural resources such as coal, timber and petroleum according to Wikipedia, it is also flooded with bodies of water.  It is considered part of the Great Lakes has the St. Lawrence Seaway, Illinos River and many other Lakes and Rivers in between.  When in the city of @ inquire about kiteboarding lessons, the certified instructors can give you tips on how to for example: jump higher to boost big; high jumps can be attained by using good technique and having favorable weather conditions.  It is recommended that their be high winds, smooth water not rough or too wavy, a fast turning kite and plenty of kite riding skills.  You will learn other valuable information as what to do if you get a knot in your flying line and how to get it out, of how to pump your inflatable kite out, it must be laid out flat, or how when choosing a board you want to know how to choose small board need more power while large boards need less power it all depends on what you are trying to accomplish as a kiter.

WISCONSIN Kiteboarding Lessons

This state is located in the north central part of the country, it is considered part of the Great Lakes Region and is bordered by the Montreal River on the north.  In WN it depends on what Lake you choose to kite board on that will determine the wind directions as the locations of the lakes vary.  When visiting one of the great lakes in the area make certain to visit a kiteboarding school in the city of @ and get expert advise on the best locations to kite board for your particular skill level and wind range preference.  If you are interested in taking a lesson all lessons include the helmet, kite, board and harness using only Name Brands such as Airbrush, Blade, Cabrinha, Naish, Ocean Rodeo, Ozone and many more.  Some Kite Boarding Schools have kiting clubs so if you are a continuous kiter joining the kiters club would be nice you can meet other kiters who share in your passion and coordinate trips and exchange tricks of the trade membership fees may apply.  Kiter clubs are popping up around the country as more and more people are becoming interested in the sport.   


IOWA Kiteboarding Lessons

This state is located in the middle part of the country, on the east side is the Missouri River and on the west side is the Big Sioux River.  Kiteboarding is on the rise in Iowa for early and late season kite boarding, Clear Lake is a good choice it has steady winds and a flat countryside surrounding the Lake.  This lake has many launch sites and Kiteboarding launch spots, while there are many Lakes to choose from that are ideal for practicing your kiting.  When in the city of @ around the lakes you can find kite board lessons being taught and offered, wether you’re a first timer or a skilled kiteboarder.  Lessons are usually between an 1.5 hour to 3 hours depending on skill level, when first learning to kite board you might feel intimidated or scared or exhilarated and over the moon with excitement, this extreme sport is not for everybody this is why lessons are important to be had.  Some kite board schools only offer seasonal lessons while others may give lessons year round, you would have to inquire.

MINNESOTA Kiteboarding Lessons

This state is located in the upper mid west part of the country, MN has over 10,000 Lakes, MN has some of the oldest rocks found on earth according to Wikipedia, this unique state attracts many tourist all year round for all its history and all it’s geographical variations with so many Lakes within the state and the largest being Lake Superior which covers over 900,000 acres.  With so many Lakes around it is no wonder that local residents and tourist frequent the waters to have some fun in the sun.  Kiteboarding has caught the eye of many local surfers, skiers, skateboarders and others, Kiteboarding encompasses several water and land sports all while riding the water, wind or snow.  Kite Boarding Lessons can be seen regularly in and around the water when in the city of @ take a lesson from a professional certified instructor.  When Kite boarders are in the air it is quite a spectacle to see for the other on lookers the kites are colorful and of different sizes and really take over the skies.

NORTH DAKOTA Kiteboarding Lessons

This state is located in the upper mid west part of the country, on the west side of the state you will find mountains and great plain hills.  On the eastern side of ND you have the Sakakawea Lake, which is the third largest man made lake in the US and you can also find the ND largest fresh water man made Lake named Devils Lake.  When visiting ND make sure to stop by the city of @ and inquire about Water Kiteboarding Lesson or Snow Boarding Lessons depending on what part of the year you are visiting.  If you already have experience kite boarding then you just need a refresher lesson, this provides students with up to date information on all whats new within the Kite Boarding Industry such as Kites, Boards, Harnesses and whatever New Rules, Hand Signals or Safety precautions are being implemented now a day.  The Kiteboarding Industry is constantly testing and designing new products that push for better performance, innovation is key and this information will all be obtained at the lessons.  The lessons are available to accommodate your individual schedule with Private or Group Lessons offered at different times and days.

WYOMING Kiteboarding Lessons

This state is located in the upper west part of the country, mainly covered with hills and mountains it does have a Canyon known as Wind River Canyon on the west side of the state and to the south is the Green River.  WY has 32 named islands according to Wikipedia, most of them are located on the Jackson Lake and the remainder are on the Green River.  If you are planning to come and visit WY make sure to stop by a Kite Boarding school in the city of @ and take some lessons for either Water Kiteboarding or Snow Kiteboarding depending on the season and what you are interested in learning.  The Kiteboarding lessons are taught at all levels from introductory to the Advanced levels and at each level the students will learn different techniques and acquire more knowledge on this extreme sport.  All lessons include the board, harness, kite and helmet they are all custom fitted to the students height, weight and skill level.  Some Kite Boarding schools have planned kite boarding trips throughout the state or in a different state all together, the organized trips are guided by a certified instructor.

MONTANA Kiteboarding Lessons

This state is located in the upper west part of the country, part of the Rocky Mountains and known for its valleys, glaciers and mountain ranges, MO has calm Lakes in-between the mountains such as St. Mary Lake located in the Glacier National Park.  With over a thousand named Rivers and Creeks according to Wikipedia it’s no wonder on the warm months out of the year you can find people on the water practicing water sports such as water Kite Boarding which can also be seen in the winter months on the valleys where people snow kite board.  Whichever type of kite boarding you are into there are lessons to be had, Kite Boarding Lessons can be found in the city of @ they are available to the public for a fee and have offer every skill level from beginners to advanced.  You must register for Lessons in advance and sign the waiver as Kite Boarding is an extreme sport and can be dangerous at times.  The lessons are given by certified and insured instructors and held at various locations and at different days and times.

CALIFORNIA Kiteboarding Lessons

This state is located in the south west part of the country, CA has an accumulation of different geography it has the highest peak in the US Mount Whitney at 14,505 feet according to Wikipedia, it also is home to Lake Tahoe the largest Fresh Water Lake in the state.  CA also has a Salt Water Lake named the Salton Sea, there are also natural Glaciers mountain, Rivers and of course the Pacific Ocean.  California is known for many things famous celebrities, beautiful people and its’ pristine waters, many local residents and tourist flock to the waters to soak up the sun and practice their water sports like Kite Boarding.  Kite Boarding is very popular with surfers also as it stems from surfing origins and CA is home to many boarders.  Kite Boarding Lessons are available in the city of @ and usually around anywhere there is a large body of water be it a Lake or Ocean you will find Lessons being taught and offered.  Kite Boarding lessons are crucial to this extreme sport and if the wind is right it can lift a 250 man forty or fifty feet up into the air, so knowing how to control the kite and equipment is a must for your safety as well as bystanders.

COLORADO Kiteboarding Lessons

This state is located mid west part of the country, CO has it all from the four seasons to the landscape from mountains in the forest to mountains around the Lakes and plains, during the seasons the mountains could be powder snow covered perfect for kiteboarding, during the warm months the Lakes are ideal for water kiteboarding.  When in the city of @ stop by your local kite boarding school anytime of the year lessons are being offered all lessons include the life vest, harness, board and kite.  With Name Brands Kites such as HQ Fluxx, HQ Rush V and Boards with names such as Montana IX, Apex V, HQ Zeekai, HQ Matrixx and others, plus if you are looking for some knowledge or advise on the gear, equipment, kiting locations, weather conditions the kite boarding schools can assist you with that as well.  If you are looking to have a repair done to your board or kite or need a part they can recommend the closest kite shop for sales and service.  If you are wanting to become a certified kite board instructor their are special lessons one can take for that to get certified.
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