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Miami Surf Shops


Florida is one of the jewels of the United States it is a tropical paradise with temperatures usually ranging between the 70-90’s Fahrenheit or 20-40 degrees Celsius. Florida is known for its’ beautiful beaches and has good surfing conditions with many water sports available to the public including Surfing, Wake boarding, Bodyboarding, Water Skiing, Windsurfing, Fly boarding and much more. The City of Miami has many Surf shops throughout and Sell or Rent out all the gear you might need like Infinity Surf boards in Longboard or Shortboard Styles, Waxes, Rash guards &, Wetsuits & and more. The City of Miami also has many surf shops that cater to the life style of surfers and carry name brands such as Billabong, QuikSilver, Hurley in all sizes for girls and boys, t-shirts, shoes, shorts, plus other specialty surfing items. The city of Cocoa Beach is home to a famous Surfer Kelly Slater an 11 time World Surfing Champion. The City of Palm Beach Surfing Museum which features historical Surfing Items, photos, artifacts and the surfing history of Florida. Best waves are in the winter time with west wind.

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