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Snook Season Opening September First
Aug. 29, 2015
A snook permit and a recreational saltwater license is required unless the angler is exempt from the recreational license requirements. Snook may be targeted or harvested with hook and line gear only. Snagging is prohibited.
Hurricane Ignacio Headed Close To Hawaii
Aug. 29, 2015
Hurricane Ignacio headed close to Hawaii. Ignacio is forecasted to be a hurricane when it passes Hawaii this may cause some serious surf on the North Coast.
Tropical Storm Erika Has Dissipated
Aug. 28, 2015
Tropical Storm Erika has dissipated but the Gulf should still keep an eye on this Rain storm. The remnants of Erika may cause flooding in Florida.
Hilda To Bring Rough Surf To Hawaii
Aug. 11, 2015
Hilda is not just going to bring rough surf but a possibility for gusty and rainy conditions. Make sure you stay safe late this week.
Jamie O'Brien Surfs Teahupo'o on Fire
Jul. 26, 2015
While recently in Tahiti filming for "Who Is JOB 5.0," Jamie carried out one of his surfing dreams: to get barreled on one of the world’s heaviest waves ... while lit on fire.
Sanuk Welcomes: Lauren Hill
Jul. 15, 2015
Sanuk proudly welcomes Lauren Hill - surfer, writer, activist, smiler. oha!

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