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The City of Pompano Beach hosts a variety of Special events all through out the year, there is always something to do or see wether it be the Craft Shows, Music Concerts, Parades etc.  However, there is one event that is unique to Pompano Beach and has been a city tradition dating all the way back to 1965 when it commenced and it is known as the Pompano Beach Fishing Rodeo.  This event is held annually on the third weekend of May it is a two day fishing tournament and has been going strong for over fiftyone years now and counting.  This tournament is held by a non-profit corporation, who also participate actively in our community with marine conservation efforts and projects.  This event has attracted local residents, tourist, fisherman, sponsors and on lookers just passing by.  In order to participate you must register yourself up prior to the event, the Wednesday before Friday there is a pre-party for all the fisherman competing and it is a good time to meet the boat captains.  The fishermen will fish Friday and Saturday until 12pm, then the anglers will have a chance to weigh in their fish and tidy up to return later on in the late afternoon where the official After Party begins and the prizes and trophies will be handed out to the fisherman with the heaviest weighing fish.  The after party has catered food from local restaurants, music, guest speakers and more all open to the community as a whole.  It is a great time for all participating and competing, brings friends, families and the community together all while keeping a Pompano Beach tradition alive.
The Results Are In For The 2016 Pompano Beach Fishing Rodeo!!
This was another phenomenal year for the Pompano Beach Fishing Rodeo and the City of Pompano Beach itself, the Tournament Honored our Military Veterans and was held out of the Alsdorf Boat Ramp Park and had a Total Cash Payout of $86,950 with 15 Lucky Winners.  The fish that were eligible to win the competition were the Cobia, Dolphin, King Mackerel, Black Tuna and Wahoo, competitors were allowed to use live bait or tackle.  The fish had to meet the state law requirement with regard to size and the fish must be caught on a rod and reel.  1ST Place went to the Boat named Frick & Frack catching King Mackerel, Fridays’ catch weighed in at 189.5 pounds while Saturdays’ catch weighed in at 203.8 pounds for a combined Total Weight of 393.3LBS resulting in a Cash Reward Payout of $35,194 Congratulations to Frick & Frack!! The 2ND Place Winner was the boat named Double diamond catching Cobia Fridays’ catch weighed in at 181.9 pounds and Saturdays’ catch weighed in at 154.7 pounds for a combined Total Weight of 336.6 resulting in a cash Reward Payout of $18,321, the smallest cash reward handed out was $350 Congratulations to all 15 Winners Good Job! To all those who didn’t win this year better luck next year to you.     
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