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This state is both a Surfing and snowboarding state located right on the edge of the eastern side of the US and is the smallest in area.  Rhode Island’s official nickname is The Ocean State.  The state have a few big Bays and Inlets for easier surfing but there is also the Ocean for more advanced Surfers.  The state has several islands Aquidneck Island, Narragansett and Newport.  There is a city called Narragansett Town Beach and this town is a beach town which has a Pier which is where all the action is centered around.  On the pier is an icon Surf Shop called Warm Winds started in 1973 and has evolved into one stop shop for Board Sports.  They carry over 500 surf boards in stock and gear for all weather climates with name brands such as Quiksilver, Roxy, Rip Curl, Volcom, Hurley and O’Neill.  This Surf Shop has specialty items as well like Fins and the basics like Sunscreen.  They also offer Surf Lessons, equiptment Rentals, Surf Board Repair and have a live surf camera.
In the State of Connecticut they celebrate International Surfing Day, on this day CT. Surf riders enjoy a day of fun with youth activities and have SUP Paddle races.  The Connecticut Surfriders also try to maintain clean and pristine Beaches with Beach Clean Up days a few days out of the year.  The different City’s  here offer a wide variety of waves, with waves from southwest wind swells to complete over your head North Atlantic Groundswell. New Hampshire, Connecticut has 9,000 square ft of land and less than 13 miles is the actual coastline, it is compact but offers some Beach Breaks, Reefs and Points.  The Famous Movie Jaws was filmed in this state while their haven’t been any Shark attacks since 1930’s they are still around.  Their are different Surfing types Practiced here including; Body Surfing, Stand Up Paddle Surfing, Paipo Boarding, Tandem Surfing, Long boarding, Kite Surfing and Short boarding.  There are Water Sports Speciality Shops that carry some of the more unconventional surfing types of gear and equipment.
This state is known for it’s good surfing on the East Coast the City of  Jersey Shore Beach even had a TV show named after it and filmed on location.  While Surfing happens all year around here the main surf season is in the fall months not so crowded from the all the vacationers and at the mid pointe of Hurricane Season so this increases swells.  Surfers should wear a full suit, gloves and bootie to stay warm so they can surf a longer period of time.  Surfers here are required to purchase a daily or seasonal beach badge, this isn’t common in other states.  New Jersey has a few Surfing Clubs one being New Jersey Surfing Club, where if you’re a Surfer can meet other Surfers with your same skill level or traveling to the Coast line for a weekend and don’t want to Surf alone.  It is a specialized club catered around Surfers and the Surfing Life Style be it Lessons, Shops, Blogs, Surf Reports, Night Clubs, Surf Restaurants and More!  In 1997, New Jersey developed the first and longest continuously operating Beach Cam in the state to help Sailors and Surfers with Weather Conditions.
The Delaware Coast Line is only about 25 miles long not very long at all as is the state itself however this little state has made some Surfable Waves over the years.  Surfing started in the 1960’s in Delaware and it has become a recreational sport to many in 2013 it was known as a mainstream activity.  Their are nine places to surf in different City’s  and according to the Delaware history and the way the shore line is laid out the littoral flow of sand from south to north so the updrift cause waves.  There are a few local Surf Shops, one is called the Rehoboth Beach Surf Shop they carry local artist T-Shirts, WoodRoze & Brigada Sunglasses, The Ocean Net Works Jewelry, Penny Boards, Sector 9 Boards, Congo Bodyboards, BIC Sport Surfboards for Rent or Sale.  The Rentals are $40 per day choose from 8’-9’ soft top or Magnums, their are also surf lesson packages available surf etiquette is also explained, their are Water Surfing Rules amongst other Surfers one must know to stay in the sport.
This state also has a long stretch of beach along the eastern coast it broken up by inlets, jetties and piers, the winter is the best time to surf in Virginia you can get full strength swells from the north and northeast provide uncrowded peaks.  The City of Virginia Beach is home to the longest running surf contest in the world, the contest is called The East Coast Surfing Championship and is held every August every year. The City of Virginia Beach has something for everyone to do, sit and relax on the beach or shop at the numerous surf shops on the Ocean walk for Apparel to the Surfer Lifestyle Name Brands Shorts, Neoprene T-shirts and more.  1st street Jetty is one of the hot surf spots throughout the state, Virginia Beach Pier is another good hot spot same as the Jetty this spot acts like natural reef which pumps up the waves. Tula Adventures Sports has all the Water Sports Gear you will need wether Paddle Boarding, Wake Boarding, Kite Surfing, Kayaking, they also offer sailing and boat tours.
On the outer banks of North Carolina this is a Surfers paradise, they usually have some of the largest Swells its where the cold Atlantic Ocean waters meet the warm current of the Gulf Stream that the Swells are produced with low pressure systems and swell creating storms.  The outer banks Surf Season runs from late July to May.  North Carolina is home to Tony Silvagni a Professional Surfer, in 2013 he made 5th place in the World Longboard Tour, he was also Gold Medalist for Team USA in 2011.  Tony is also a Professional Surf Coach and has a opened a Surf School, Surf Shop and Surf Camp in the City of Carolina Beach.  The Surf Shop has all New Name Brands Quik Silver Bill a Bong and more including his own name private label by: Tony Silvagni accessories.  Surf Lessons teach the fundamentals, Wave formation, Paddling, Positioning, Surf Etiquette and Water Safety lessons can be one on one or group lessons for girls or boys.  The City’s @@@ Piers all have webcams online great for all the weather and surfing condition updates.
This state is located in the mid Atlantic portion of the United States, and it’s waterways are part of the Chesapeake Bay.  The best and most popular city to Surf is Ocean City they have Cabins right on the Oceanside for Rent Surfers dream wake up and walk to go surfing.  When visiting MD be sure to stop by Malibu’s Surf Shop, since 1986 they have all your surfing needs covered, surf boards and handmade shaped uniquely with creative artwork.  All boards are custom not pop-outs, factory, Chinese surfboards or mass produced, they carry name brands in apparel and gear for your surf life style.  For Girls and Boys T-Shirts, Sunglasses, Flip Flops, Wetsuits, Leashes, Board Wax, Body Boards, Fins, hats, kids beach toys, Surf style decor for a room, Vintage Surf boards and much more! The shop is located right on the Ocean on the Boardwalk and all employees are local Surfers, they offer Private Lessons, 24 hours a day beach web cam for all the latest in Surfing Conditions and weather and much More!
This state has 51 miles of coastline along Lake Erie also known as Gem City  and 749 square miles of inland waters which are Lake Erie, Paddle Boarding is very popular in PA they are used for Eco Tours, Adventurers, PaddleTrips and more all on the lake.  The Watersports and Winter Sports are all centered around the states Great Lakes.  The Surf Sup Adventures is a must stop shop for all your outfitters needs and wants they carry Standup PaddleBoards, WhiteWater Surfing Boards, Equipment and more.  They also offer Lessons, have couples SUP Specials, Group SUP, Yoga SUP a Great Physical and Mental workout, Inflatable Boards, Lessons, SUP Clean Up Groups in order to preserve the Lake and surrounding areas.  New and Used boards and gear for Sale, River Surfing is a common Sport in PA and it takes a lot of endurance, strength and balance as the Rivers can be rough and fast at times.  Once your done Paddle boarding on the Lake or River take a rest and take in PA natural nature with its’ forest and mountainous views.  
This state unbeknowest to most has Good Surfing areas for example; Long Island which stretches over 118 miles of the northern Atlantic Ocean.  Long Island northern Beaches have huge Swells, while the middle and eastern tips have Point Breaks and Reef.  Typically in New York, Wetsuits are worn all year around with lighter ones in the Summer, the best time to surf here is in the Winter with large Swells.  The Surfing fluctuates as you travel from west to east on the west side of Long Island you have Barreling Beach Breaks especially great in Lido Beach.  The more eastward you go you have sand bars and when you hit Montauk here you have Coves locally known as one of the best places to Surf in New York.  Looking for a New Surf Board LB Surf in Long Island has over 300 Name Brand Boards including Channel Islands, WRV, Roberts, Lost, Stretch, Hayden Shapes, Rusty, Solid Surfboards, Bing, North Atlantic longboards, NSP, Stewart Longboards and More buy at the store or online, they offer full and half day Board Rentals as well.
This state is made up of primarily a mountainous and forestry terrain while it does have a ponds, Rivers and a few Lakes the biggest being Lake Champlain, while surfing is not super popular here it does occur.  In 2014 Vermont was recognized by Men’s Journal magazine for BIC Sports and received the Gear of The Year Award.  BIC Sports came out with a 12’6 SUP Air Inflatable Paddleboard the Men’s Journal tested it and deemed it Innovative and had Good Performance and was chosen as one the best Water Toys.  In 2010 the Surf Club was established and this club was created to bring together all of the Surfing Community in Vermont, they plan Weekend Surf Trips to Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and other Surfing Capitals, they participate in competitions, local Beach Clean Ups and more.  In the city of Waterbury they hold an Annual Stand Up Paddleboard Festival and all proceeds go to the preservation and conservation of the Waterbury Reservoir which is crucial to the state of Vermont to preserve the Lake for future SUP rides and adventures.
This state has many miles of surf able sandy beaches, while surfing has always been popular here now Stand Up Paddle is fairly new to the state.  Surfers use SUP to explore the states inland lakes and ocean waves, the city of  Ogunquit is where the majority of surfers reside or hang out, Winter Water temperatures can plunge below freezing in this state becoming slushy like so winter surfing is not a recommended.   In Higgins Beach a popular surf beach local tides can go to 10’ feet daily, Higgins is known for it’s large overhead plus swells.  When in Maine stop by Aquaholics in Kennebunk, they are a full service Surf Shop, with Name Brands like Patagonia, Billabong, Reef, Nixon, Surftech, Smith, Oneill, Rusty, Hurley and More.  This Surf Shop offers Surf Birthday Parties for kids this is a group party without all the formalities of a private lesson, they have Sales and Rentals, Clinics and Lessons for SUP, they also have Special Surfer Programs for children with Special Needs who want to surf like a Pro.
This state has 17 miles of coastline, with the east coast having the most action the wall is a super steady strong beach break and the reefs can be challenging.  The rock bottom breaks are for advanced surfers they have walled up right points all the way to hollow left reefs.  The winter months are the Best for good Wave catching, the city of Jenness Beach is a nice area to surf for all skill levels the wave type is a Beach Break, the best swell direction is ESE and has a mid tide.  New Hampshire has many Rivers with mountains around and the Picataqua River and Tributaries both flow into the Atlantic Ocean unique terrain.  The state has a recreational surfer named Ralph Fatello who began a Surfing Campaign according to NH magazine, called “Catch A Wave For Gus” in which he surfed every day in the winter and raised $33,000 for the American Diabetes Association.  While visiting the city of Hampton pay a visit to Cinnamon Rainbows Surf Co. opened Mon-Sun and have a large Surfboard, SUP and Wetsuit Collection.
This 13 mile coast line state has Surfing areas on the south and north side on the north you have Reefs and Points but not good quality Ridable Waves on the south side however, off the Boston City  you have a few secret spots like Deveraux, have beach breaks.  Cape Cod has one Huge Crescent of Sand, producing shifting Beach Breaks, the real jackpot for surfers with few surfers and swell windows is Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket but because of the many Famous residents it is home too access to the public is difficult, residents include the Kennedy’s, Lady Gaga, Meg Ryan and more.  While Surfing in MA stop by the Noreaster Surf Shop their you can find, Surfboards in Fun Shapes, Long Boards, Short Boards, Blue Seventy Triathlon Wetsuits, Accessories, Kialoa SUP, Carbon Paddles Oakleys, FCS Fins, Bags, Leashes, Tailpads and many other Name Brands.  While visiting MA stop by the Ground Swell Surf Cafe they are a surfers retreat when taking a break from surfing it is on the beach and offers Rentals, host Surfing Events whether it be surfing exercises or competitions and they have a surf cafe right on site.
This state is on the Gulf of Mexico on the south side it also has some barriers islands and small steams known as Bayous.  In the city of  there is a Paddleboard Club specially for Stand Up Paddle enthusiasts called Nola Paddleboards, this is a recreational Water Sport that brings the Board community together and the club along with its’ members can participate in special events and get discounts on boards, gear and excursions.  The club paddle both day and night events on the open Waters, it’s a great way to explore this state.  They offer Board Pilates, Paddle Lessons at different locations both Private and Group with instruction on proper board and paddle sizing, different stances, Paddle Stroking for stopping, turning, speed and endurance and important waterway navigation information.  They Sell Name Brand Boards like Yolo, Bote Board, LA Paddleboards, Boga Werner Paddles, Yakima, Naish and More.  This Board Shop and Paddle Club hosts local Board Events and lets you test out the Paddle Board on the Water before you buy it with Free Demos.
This state has the Arkansas River that flows through it from east and southeast it is the sixth longest river in the US with 1,469 miles long it originated in the Rocky Mountains.  The popular Water Sports here are Whitewater Rafting, Stand Up Paddling and Canoeing since the state has no Beaches the River is where all the Water Sports action takes place.  The Arkansas Canoe Club holds an annual Surf N Turf on the River where all local Stand Up Paddlers and Canoes gather and eat, play and paddle down the river.  Need a lesson in River Paddling the School of River Paddling is Great they can teach you how to control your Board or canoe on the river with performing maneuvers and how to enjoy paddling while remaining safe on the river.  Looking Boards? SUP Outfitters in the city of has you covered they Sell and Rent Liquid Boards and Paddles and they sell videos about SUP learning.  The SUP Shop offers Lessons, ECO Tours, SUP Yoga, all Instructors are Certified and members of the WPA.  
This state is bordered with the Mississippi River on the east and the Missouri River on the west, it has some natural lakes as well, the rest of the land is flat or has rolling hills.  The average temperature is 50 degrees or 10 Celsius winters are cold and snow is normal here.  River Stand Up Paddle Surfing is a popular sport here with fast raging down stream Rivers flowing, it can be tedious.  SUP Iowa in the city of @ is the main SUP shop, they offer Paddle Board Rentals, Private and Group Lessons, Youth SUP Summer Camps, SUP fitness classes that incorporate stability exercises for balance and Paddling for strength, SUP scenic tours great for exploring the beautiful surrounding nature views.  The Private or Semi Private Lessons are both on and off the Water students will be taught Paddling Techniques, Launching Techniques and Safety Lesson and all Lessons include the Paddleboards, Leashes and Paddles available for Beginners.  They offer SUP Rentals Liquid Name Brand boards to accomidate paddlers up to 240lbs. half or full day Rentals.
This state is at the top of the country in the middle, this state is typically a snow boarding state but their are Surfers everywhere in the world and Minnesota is no exception.  In 2010 the Minnesota Surf Company opened it’s doors the owner after having lived in Hawaii for a while brought the Surfing Sport to Minnesota.  The Surf shop is in the city of and Sells Stand Up Paddle Boards, Surf Boards, Windsurfing, Kayaking, Biking and Kite Boarding.  They also offer outdoor gear and equipment like Bikes, Kayaks, Tents, Wetsuits, vintage Wood Surf Signs and Skate Boards.  They offer Private Lessons and Group Lessons, Stand Up Paddle Excursions to sight see Minnesota from the Water View.  They have Board Rentals for various Water Sports, and even have the Newest in the industry in Inflatable SUP available.  This year they will also have their second annual Paddlepalooza which benefits go to the Hart Animal Rescue SUP, Kayak and Canoe competition will be five miles long on the Gull Lake.  
This state with the city known as the windy city has some Famous persons who were born and raised here such as Ronald Reagan and three other presidents that resided in Illnois and called it home who were Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses Grant and current US President Barack Obama.  This is also home to Chicago Surf Park the first and only outdoor Surf Park in Illnois located at Montrose Beach it offers, Surf Camps, Surf Competitions, has Patio seating with cafe so you can view all the Surfing Action.   They also Sell and rent Surfing gear from Sunscreen, Sun Glasses, Hats and Surf Stickers.  For bigger items they Sell Surfboards, Skate Boards with Helmet and Pads, Wet Suits, Swim Suits, Long Boards, Coozies and more.  A good Surf Shop to visit while here is the Windward Board Shop they sell Stand Up Paddle Boards, Paddles, leashes, bags, Surf Videos, Rash guards, Board Shots, Fins, Vests, with many Name Brands such as DC, Airhead, Billabong, Waterman and more.  This Surf Shop offers lessons in Snowboarding, Stand Up Paddle, Long Boarding, Skateboarding and the Surfing Fashion and Lifestyle.
This state has one of the Best Fresh Water Surfing in the Country Surfing Lake Michigan is Great, Film makers even made the Surf Movie Unsalted, A Great Lakes Experience here.  The Movie showed the major difference between Surfing the Great Lakes compared to the Ocean and that is timing in other parts of the country the best time to Surf is in the Summer or Spring on the Lakes the best time to Surf is in the Fall or Winter with 10 ft swells and 30 knot force winds.  Lake Michigans’ shoreline is 1,659 miles long and has a mix of Waves, small crowds, has Points, a Pier and Sandbars.  When visiting the city of it is recommended that you take surf lessons if you never surfed in Lake Michigan before, at the Sleeping Bear Surf and Kayak Shop they offer Surf Lessons and it includes the board also.  This shop also has Surfboard Rentals, SUP, Skim and Bodyboard, with Name Brands like Billabong, Oneill, Volcom and more.  The Sell Beach and Surf Style clothing for boys and girls, hat, flip flops, sunglasses, beach chairs umbrellas and more.     
This state has many sports and one of the most popular is the Indianapolis 500 which is the motor race car sport, but another popular sport here is Kite Surfing also known as Kiteboarding.  Kitesurfing is a surface sport on the water, you ride on open water and use the wind over the water to gain speed.  Their are many different kite designs bow kites, hybrid, inflatable and foil kites their are also different types of boards you can use from Long Boards, Wakeboards, Skim Boards and Twin Tip Boards.  At the Ripple Surf and Board Shop in the city of  they have a huge selection of all types of boards for Surf, Skate, Wake and Snow.  This shop has all your year around sports boarding needs covered they can customize your boards to your liking as well.  Name Brands include Omen Longboards, Spy, Venom, Rip Tide, Obrien Water Sports, Sector 9, Billabong, Quiksilver, Hurley, Volcom plus many more.   Looking for other Water Sports Gear and products check out the Lake House in Winona Lake, they have Neoprene, Wax, girls and boys t-shirts and shorts, offer lessons and have gear Rentals available.
This state has 1,281 square miles of Water and the popular Water Sport here is Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Kite Surfing also.  In the city of  there is a Surf Shop called Flat Tide and Sell and Rent Stand Up Paddle Boards they have a huge fleet of them to choose from and are reasonably priced.  The Rentals are $15 an hour and come with board, paddles and life jacket required by the law here if your not wearing a life jacket in Oklahoma you are ticketed.  Rentals are from age 8 and hold up to 250 lbs Inflatable Boards also available.  The shop also offers SUP Yoga classes and SUP Lessons, the shop also posts on the their website if the Lake or River is low on Water any given day to it’s patrons.  The Surf Shop also Sells Surfing Apparel like Boys and Girls T-Shirts and Leashes.  If Kiteboarding is your thing than check out Okkite Shop they carry all your Surfkiting needs with Name Brands like Roca, TS, Cabo, Kahona and Trainer Kites.  For the Boards they have Admiral, Amada, Spark and many more!
This state is home to the tourist attraction Mount Rushmore, this residents on this state also enjoy all four seasons and has an East River and West River flowing through it.  In the City of their is a Surf Shop called Surf’s Up and they carry an array of outdoor Water Sports Equipment and Gear for Sale or Rent, they even deliver the Boards and Paddles to you.  The SUP are name brand; Supatx and the shop offers demo boards to try out before purchasing them they also have Wake Surfing gear and you can rent one of their Centurion Watersport boats includes Wake board and fuel to enjoy your Wake Surfing experience.  The Shop offers Lessons for one to four persons in Wake Boarding or Wake Surfing, teaching you the basics of finding a pocket, 360 spins and catching big air, they also sell lesson videos on how to properly Wake Surf, the shop has quick access to Sheridan, Pactola and Angosustura Lakes.  The Lessons are video taped and you are given a DVD of your own lesson for viewing memories later.  
This state is located in the Upper mid western area of the country on the east side of the country you have the Red River and Devils Lake these are Natural Lakes the rest of the state has mountains.  North Dakota has many natural resources and scenic views, and one way to experience and take in the beauty of the mountains and the Lakes is to Paddle it out.  In the city of there is a Board Shop called Paddle On, they Rent and Sell Stand Up Paddle Boards, Kayaks and Canoes.  The Rentals are two hours or full days the Kayaks and Stand Up Paddle Boards are available in many colors, shapes and sizes.  The canoes are 17ft. long and can hold a lot of gear like a cooler, tents and backpack it is a great way to use a watercraft to use to do some camping.  This Board Shop has delivery and pick up available also so they bring the Boards and paddles to your location.  The shop offers over night paddle excusions where you can set up a tent and sleep on the sandbars in the Mississippi River.      
This state is in the center part of the country, the state has Rivers and Lakes and is prone to have tornadoes but with Hot and Humid Summers.  Water Sports here are always a way of cooling down and Shark’s Surf Shop in the city of has you covered with all your Name Brand Needs like Billabong, Herschel, Converse, Sorel, Oakley, Kahala, O’Neil, Ray-Ban, Reef, Sperry, Spy, Vans, Quicksilver, Hunter, Stance, Tom’s, Cobian, Penguin, Vissla and many More.  The shop carries Footwear, Sunglasses, Boys and Girls T-shirts, Shorts, Tank Tops, Fleeces and Hats in all Colors and Sizes.  They carry Surf Memorabilia also, like mugs, picture frames and unique Surfing related items for Sale.  If you can’t make it to the store the can ship to you with Free Ground Shipping on certain orders.  If your shopping around for boards then Sitzmark Sports is the shop for you they carry Wakeboards, 3 Stage Boards, Board and Boot Packages, 15’ Long Boards with Name Brands like Liquid Force, Sector 9 and Ronix.  
This state is on the International border with Mexico on the south side of the state you have the Waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  There are quite a bit of Surfing Spots to catch a wave, in Texas in the city of is the Largest surf Shop in all of Texas called Soundwaves and they carry everything you need with over 400+ boards in stock.  they have Soft Top Surfboards, Fish Fun Boards, High Performance Boards, Long Boards and Stand Up Paddle Boards.  They are an authorized Channel Island Surf Board Dealer and have all the newest in stock, other name Brand Surf Boards include Rusty, Firewire, NSP, Lost, walden, Modern, Torq, JS, Robert August, Hayden, Surf Tech to name a few.  For the SUP Boards they carry names like Bote, Riviera, Walden and Advanture with different board sizes.  All Surfing Accessories are here also Hat, Water Proof Watches, Fins, Car and Car and Truck Racks, Sunglasses and More! They have a Huge Selection of Men’s and Women Apparel with names like Quiksilver, Hurley, Volcom and Brixton.  Need Footwear Sandals brands like Rainbow & Olukai and DC, Wetsuits of all thickness in a variety of colors.
This midwestern state got it’s name from the Ohio River to the south and to the north is Lake Erie which gives Ohio 312 miles of coastline.  A good Surfing Spot in Lake Erie which has Freshwater, near downtown called Edge Water in the city of.  The Lake is huge and with the constant powerful winds the swells are year around and it has Surf Breaks, according to the encyclopedia of Surfing people have been Surfing Lake Erie since 1940’s.  It is not easy to Surf the lakes in Ohio according to the Warshaw’s encyclopedia because of the weather conditions are brutal, some freezing temperatures, Ohio lays in the middle of a Jet Stream.  A Surfing movie documentary Film was made here called Out of Place it focused on how the Surfers in Ohio are some of the most dedicated and despite all the obstacles they face the passion to catch a wave prevails.  When coming to try out surfing in this part of the country stop by the Red Sky Surf and Snow Shop they carry Name Brands such as Oakley, Oneill, Kite Airtime, Surftech and many more.    
This state has the Missouri River, it runs east and south and is 2,341 miles, it is the longest River in North America it is above Sea level and flows above the Great Falls of Missouri which are five Natural Waterfalls.  Kite Surfing is a popular Water Sport in this state along with snowboarding in the winter, the Kite Force Academy has all you need for either Sport, located in the city of Kansas.  They carry Name Brand Kiteboarding eqiptment like Naish Drafts, Universal Control Bars, Switchblade Kites, Best Pro Waist Harness, Crazyfly Wheeled Surf Bags and Duffle Bags, Cabrinha Kite Boards, Pumps and much more.  They offer lessons in Kiteboarding on water and Snowkiting on Snow, they have Private and semi private Lessons for all stages beginners, intermediate and advanced Boarders.  The lessons are with certified Kiteboarding Instructors that are insured, teach safety rules, all students have radioed helmets, students go through a teaching simulator and have an individualized and flexible plan.
This state has many mountains and is part of the Appalachians, but they having Surfing all year around in a city @ called Sevierville it is located in the Smokies Mountain.  The name of this unique and rare hotel and Water park resort is called Wilderness at the Smokies, no matter what the weather is outside inside the temperature is 84 degrees.  While there is a lot of activities to do in TN like mountain hiking you can also Surf or learn to Surf.  The Indoor Surf Rider spits out 19,000 gallons of water per minute and makes Waves 5ft. high.  The Resort offers Surfing, Skateboarding and Snowboarding, with Lessons in Body Boarding and Flow Boarding.  The indoor park is 60,000 sq.ft and has an indoor Waterside and wild Water Dome, Surf Rider and the outdoor park called Lake Wilderness has a River, Rapids Wave Pool.  If Stand Up Paddling is your thing check out SUP music city in the city @ of Nashville since TN has many Rivers and Lakes the SUP shop carries Rhizotomy Surf  no plastic SUP and sell Carbon Fiber Paddles.  
In this state the Surfing is not very good unless a Hurricane is coming the water here have very small swells, so for large waves surfers head  towards southern states.  In the city of Fairhope their is an exclusive Surf Board Shop it is called Dirk Surfboards, and they make Custom Shaped Surfboards and Stand Up Paddles.  The owner of the shop prefers the Easy Rider shape which is a 8’2 Fun Board, with a slightly upturned nose and Flattened Rails for good Gliding and a sweeping bottom for turns, the fin is a Jr. Boy 8.0 so it is less than a Long Board and more than a Short Board, best used on small Waves like those produced in Alabama.  All custom boards are made to your liking and fit to size, Sanded Finish, 3 Fins Glass or Carbon, and you have a choice of a painted board, Gloss/Polish, Color Airbrushed or Printed Graphic Inlay so the board is a one of a kind.  if you need Surfing Clothing and accessories head to Ron Jon Surf Shop in Orange Beach their you can buy Rashguards, Leashes, Traction Pads, Wax and much more.
This state has two man made Lakes and is the only state in the US with a constant flow of rivers flowing along three sides of the Mississippi River and the worlds’ Longest Navigable Water Cave.  If you are looking for Water Sports Gear like Water Skis or Water tubes you can find this at the local Marinas by the boat Rentals they also rent out the Canoes and SUP if you decide to take the trip in the Water caves.  In the city of Lexington there is a unique place called Surfset Fitness and they train with a real Surf Board on the water it is a Surfer Body’s Workout.  The Surf School teaching overall body balance, Duck Diving through the Waves, Paddling, the process of standing and Riding the Wave, then after the Surfer Workout the class actually Surfs.  All the Surf trainers are actual Surfers themselves and Surf locally in the Lakes.  Looking for Surfing Apparel the Blue Wave Lifestyle Wear carry Firewire Surfboards, Olukai Footwear, Dragon eyewear, RVCA Sportswear, plus other Name Brands like Billabong, Quicksilver, Reef and Roxy.  
This state is located in the center part of the country it was famous for the historic Gold Rush which brought many settlers to the area, our national  Arbor Day Holiday was founded in Nebraska City.  The Niobrara River flows through the northern part of the state and the Republican River flows through the southern part their are Lakes.  Nebraska is home to largest per capita population of Czech Americans in the entire United States according to Wikipedia.  In Nebraska the popular Water Sport is Kiteboarding with serious winds here Flying and Surfing combine to make one. The Kite Ranch Shop has Gear, Equipment and all needed Kiteboarding accessories like gloves, ropes, wind mask and offers Kiteboarding Lessons from Beginners to Advanced with the latest safety rules for both Water and Wind Gusts and Name Brand Ozone and Ocean Rodeo equipment and they carry training Kites for beginners.  They will teach you on Lake Mac and have storage space rental so you can store your boat there as well.  
In this state there are many mountains and the name itself means snow-covered in Spanish, but their are Large Lakes here where many locals enjoy Water Sports such as Surfing.  In the city of there is a Surf Shop called Rip Curl and they carry all the latest and greatest Surfing apparel you would need.  Find a variety of Men’s, Women’s and Kids T-Shirts, Board Shorts, Walk Shorts, Tank Top, Fleeces, Pants, Back Packs, Hoodies and Footwear.  They carry Name Brands such as Mirage, Overirde, Dawn Patrol, Conway, All Time, Union, Havana, Ivy, Coco and many more.  Need a new wet suit Rip Curl has plenty in stock with and without zipper full body or half body with names like Flash Bomb and Dawn Patrol, need a water prod watch while Surfing find them there.  Within the state of Nevada there are Surfing Events and Demos, check with the shop for upcoming things.  The Swell Surf Shop has carries Sun Glasses for Him and Her and you can catch the current Surf Forecast also before heading out.  The Sports Authority down the street sells Skim Boards, Body Boards, Rashguards.
This state is the most northern and we western state in the United States and is the largest state, while this state is known for it’s natural Icebergs and Ice Glaciers, their is Great Surfing Here because of the cold weather and Waters.  Alaska has high quality Beaches, Reefs and Point Breaks ideal for Surfers, although the water is very chilly year around and a 5mm Wetsuit is recommended, stop by the Surf Alaska Surf Shop in the city of and pick up everything you will need for this unique Surfing experience.  The shop carries Boardworks Surfboards and Inflatables, the surfboard are with expoxy ideal for taking on the natural elements in Alaska.  They also carry Stand Up Paddle Boards by Infinity and SUP are great for sight seeing and taking a tour of the natural nature of around the waters.  The Surf Shop carries West suits from 3/2 mm to 7mm with mittens, they have Name Brands like Billabong, Quiksilver, Xcel, Matlise and more.  They offer Board Rentals and have tutorial videos for rent for Surfing in Alaskas’ waters.
This state in the Pacific northwest part of the country, it has the Pacific Ocean on its border and several Lakes in between ideal for catching a wave.  When in Oregon pass by the Ocean Pulse Surf Shop in the city of they sell Surfboards, Stand Up Paddles, Men, Women and kids Wet Suits, Wetsuit accessories, Watches, Fins, Skimboards, Leashes, Tie Down Straps, Board Bags, Westsuit Hoods, Boots, Gloves  Hats, Rack Pads, Surf Style Clothing and much more.  They carry Name Brands like Victoria, J. Gordon Fish, Creatures Skim, Ocean Pulse, Torq Surfboards, Softech, Matix, Smith Optics, Billabong, Dakine, O’Neill, Lost, Volco, Reef, Globe, Rip Curl, Future Fins, 7S, they have Demo boards, and Used Boards for Sale.  This Surf Shop offers Surfing Lessons for single or group sessions, they have Wetsuit and Surf Board, Skim Boards and Body Boards Rentals available.  Looking for a Custom Surfboard they also make custom boards from start to finish with size texture and artwork, to your exact liking.    
This state is at the top corner of the country in the west, it has many mountains, valleys, active volcanoes and is off the Pacific Ocean.  The Pacific Ocean is a Great Place to Surf and just down the street in the city of is a Surf Shop called Wave Hounds, they carry New and Used Surfboards for adults and kids, Gear and accessories with Name Brands.  With 200 Surfboards in stock you will have plenty to choose from they have a huge selection of Wetsuits Booties, Gloves, Surf Caps, Hooded Vest, Bodyboarding, Fiberglass Fun or Long Board Epoxy Surfboards.  Some of the name brands er carry are Hot Line, Matlise, Body Glove, 7S, HS, McTavish, Modern Long Boards, Seaglass, Global Surf Industries, Walden, Trident, Bing Surfboards, Body Glove, Adventure, Murdeysurfboards and many more.  Have a ding or chip on your Surfboard this surf shop sells Ding Repair Kits, Wax Combs and Removers, Rash Guards, Ear plugs, Sun care, Hats, Sunglasses, Traction Pads, Racks, Board Bags, Straps, Fins, Boys and Girls T-Shirts and much more!
This Special State is made up of a bunch of islands that make up a state and in 1959 became the 50th state of the United States.  On land it has volcanoes and is surrounded by Ocean Waters, Hawaii is a Surfers Paradise at least one of them anyway with Beautiful Warm, Blue Waters that make Massive Waves and Swells.  Throughout Hawaii in the city of there are a slu of Surf and Water Sports Shops where you can Buy, Rent, New or Used Surfboards, Body Boards, Boogie Boards, Skim Boards, Fun Boards, Long Boards, Short Boards, Fun Boards and all other boards in between.  You can find at various Surf Shops Name Brands like Al Merrick, Hayden Shapes, LibTech, Lost,, Proctor, Pyzel, Dead Kooks, Dick Brewer, Joel Tudor, Banks Brand, Almond Surfboards, Hawaiian South Shore, Stewart and many more.  
Famous Surfer Andy Irons was born and Surfed Hawaii he won three World Titles in 2002-2004 from Quiksilver and won Pro France Titles in 2003-2005 and in 2006 he won the Rip Curl Pro title.  He also stared in Surfing Movies like Rise Above, Pure Surf, Shortboard documentary and others.
This state is known as one of the four corners of the United States, it has mountainous, desert like and very hot weather which is great for Surfing and beautiful Lakes.  Their is a board shop in the city of called Riverbound Sports Paddle Company they Sell and Rent the Highest Quality Stand Up Paddle Boards, Longboards, Kayaks and more.  They have a vast variety to choose from they have all around boards, touring and race boards, inflatable boards, demo and used boards and yoga and fitness boards.  They have many different lengths and widths, styles and colors and with soft top and bamboo.  They sell an array of SUP accessories like Pumps, Bogs Board Bags, Fins, Ankle Leashes, Board Wall Cradles, Neoprene, Paddles and Paddle Bags.  They carry name Brands like Gladiator, Yolo, SIC Maui Recon, Amundson, Koastal Classic, Kialoa, AquaGlide, Amundson, Lahui Kai and Sk8.  As far Renting a SUP they offer half and full day rentals, you can rent the still photo water camera also.  Look for Special Competitions and Local SUP Events in while in Arizona.  
This state is mountainous has sand dunes and is home to the largest Mormon community in the country it is in the western part of the US but  has lots of Creeks and Lakes including the Great Salt Lake great for Water Sports.  Their is a great Surf and Kite Shop called Cloud 9 Toys in the city of @ that carries outdoor equipment and water sports boards and gear.  This surf shop Sell and Rent Kites, Boards, Water Helmets and Harness.  They have Name Brands such as Ozone, Cabrinha, Naish, HQ, Liquid Force, North and more.  This shop also offers Windsurfing and Wakeboarding Lessons this sport combines skiing, snowboarding, and surfing together.  The Wake Boards they sell are made from wither foam or honey comb and coated with fiber glass.  The shop sells accessories as well like Board Leashes, Wax, Sunscreen, Board Shorts, T-Shirts, Eye Wear, Board Bags for storage, Racks, Fins, Neoprene, Windsurfing Harness and Lines, Wetsuits, Windsurfing Bases and Extensions, Line Pads, Flotation Vests, Rig Components, Helmets, Footstraps, Gloves and much more for Windsurfing. 
This state is best known for it’s Potatoes, but there is actually great Lakes and Rivers to catch a Wave here also.  The Corridor Paddle Surf Shop located in the city of they have all your water needs covered.  We have Boards that fit your size, needs and skill level, we have custom made and production Boards available.  Their custom boards are made from recycled foam, balsa wood and bio based resins, all the paintwork and artwork is unique.  They can make Short Boards, Mid-Length Boards, Longboards and Stand Up Paddle Boards, they offer different tail shapes board construction and extras.  They carry Name Brands such as Hayden, Libtech, Santa Crux, Catch Surf and others, for the SUP they carry names like Corran, Boardworks, Badfish, Adventure and Hala.  All SUP Paddles are by Kialoa, Accent and C4 Waterman.  The have Demo Boards, Inflatable Boards and Rentals by the hour or day and offer Lessons in Surfing, SUP Surf, Flatwater SUP, SUP Yoga and River SUP Lessons both private or in groups.
This state doesn’t have much water but it does have the River Rio Grande, it is the fourth longest River in the US.  When wanting to go to the River and do some Watersports stop by SouthWest Wind Sports in the city of they can answer all your questions about the sport; where is the best Spots and Supplies for Windsurfing and Stand Up Paddling even offering Lessons on both including safety rules, equipment handling, Paddling & Turning Techniques and more.  The Shop has both New and Used Equipment and Rentals are also available all in excellent condition.  They carry Name Brand Boards like Starboard, Exocet, JP, Ezzy, Aerotech, Severne, Hot sails Maui, Kona and many more.  They carry gear from Dakine, Chinook and Powerex, Sails from Aerotech, Ezzy, Neil Pryde, SUP gear from Name Brands like Cabrihna, Knoa Windsurfing, Boardworks, C4, Rusty, Dennis Pang, Morelli & Melvin, Paddle Surf Hawaii and many more.  The Surf Shop also plans Special Surf Events throughout New Mexico during the year.  
Even though this state is known for it’s Great Snow Boarding in the winter months, it is also Great for outdoor Water Sports like Surfing and Stand Up Paddling.  BC Surf & Sport one of the Biggest Surf Shop Companies has their main head quarters right here in the city of and have many different locations throughout the United States.  They carry a full line of everything that is Surfing and Stand Up Paddling.  Some of the Name Brands carried are Haydenshapes Hypro Krypto Future Flex Short Board, Firewire Spitfire Hybrid and Bamboo Surfboards, for Stand Up Paddle Boards the have different sizes also for beginners a longer wider board is recommended like the Jimmy Lewis Cruise Control Board.  They have a Huge Selection of Gear as well including Water Watches, Cameras, Headphones, Backpacks, Soft and Hard Racks, Lockable Bungy Tie Down, Surf Straps, Surf Pads, Board Bags, Sunglasses, Board Paints, Sun Block, Hats and much more.  They also have a vast selection of Boys, Girls and Kids Surf clothing like Board Shorts.
This state is in the upper western part of the country and has 32 named islands and several Rivers that flow through it and Lakes including Yellowstone River and Jackson Lake.  The Surf Shop Surf Wyoming in the city of has all your River or Lake Board needs covered with Name Brands like Hammer Soft Top Board, Mahalo a Wood Board, One World Carbon Boards, Stand Up Paddle Boards, Short Boards and Long Boards and can help decide which board would be best for you.  They carry Boys and Girls Surfing Apparel, like T-Shirts, Hoodies, Hats, Shorts, Specialty Surf Items.  They sell different size Paddles Wetsuits, Sunglasses, Water Cameras to capture the ride, Fins tri and quad sets, Traction Pads, Board Bags, Ankle Leashes in several different lengths, Plug Handles, Men Lycra, Sunscreen, Single Ring Racks SUP Accessories like a Board Transport system on wheels for easy traveling with your board.  They sell comfortable footwear like Flip Flops by Reef, Walking shoes by DC, Vans and many more all colors and sizes with new arrivals weekly.  
This state is in the western part of the country and it’s unofficial nickname is Big Sky Country, also home to Yellow Stone and  Glacier national Park attracts tourist all year round because of the natural Water Pressure it has built in it so the Rivers and Lakes here have natural pressure also making it ideal for Water Sports especially White Water River Boarding.  The Strong Water Surf Company in the city of has everything you need to catch the wave and surf the river of Alberton Gorge.  They make and sell boards specific for the streaming Rivers in Montana will all different shapes and sizes custom design available.  Hand Made Epoxy Resin, FCS X2 fin plugs it’s light weight and strong, the company offers surf Lessons and Rentals also available, Wet Suits, Booties, Leashes, Plugs, Demo Boards, Stand Up Paddle Boards with Paddles, Name Brand Boards like Rusty, Exile, Kechele, Wave Zone, Erie, Square,Totora, Dave Brown, Sick and many more!  The Surf Shop also has Surf Style apparel for Men, Women and Kids.
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