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Tackle Shops
This mountainous state, doesn’t have an Ocean but it does have a the Arkansas River and smaller one plus some Lakes and the climate is subtropical.  Since the weather here is pretty nice year round Fishing is always a good choice for a recreational, relaxing sport.  With many Bait and Tackle Shops to choose from be sure to drop by one in the city of and pick up some products for the trip.  The shops sell Reels by Shimano, Okuma, Ambassadeur, Daiwa, Zebco, Flacon, Wally Marshall, Mr. Crappie and more.  They also sell live local bait for the state like red worms, Nightcrawlers, Bass Mionnows, Crawdads, Goldfish.  Jigs are available by Bass Booger, Jewel, Rocky Top, Hawg Hunter, War Eagle.  Need some fishing line check out Maxima, Seaguar, P-Line, Moss Green, Flurocarbon and McCoy.  Hooks by Owners, Gamakatsu, Eagle Claw, Basstar and VMC.  Soft Baits by Zoom, Power Baits, Mizmo, Chompers, Yamaoto, Strike King, Gambler, Net Bait, Dry Creek, Kalins, Lake Fork.  Hard Baits, Reels, Jig Heads, Spinner Baits and so much more.  
This state is in the midwest part of the country, and has the Great Lakes, the Chicago River and the St. Lawrence Seaway to the Atlantic Ocean.  There is Fresh and Salt Water here and many Water ports in this state, as well.  So their are plenty of options when it comes to when and where to fish for the day or just a few hours.  Before heading out stop by one of the many Bait and Tackle Shops in the city of . Whether your a beginner fishermen or a skilled fishermen at the shop you can pick up the essentials like Rod Top Replacements, Spooling Up Spinning Reels and Bait Casting Reel, Cleaning and Oiling of Reels, Fishing Lures, Fishing Tackle, Fishing Rods and Casting Reels by Name Brands like Zebco, Quantum, Pfleger, Abu Garcia, Daiwa, Spinning Reels by Mitchell, Okuma, Shakespeare, Spinning Rods by Powell, Ugly Stik, St. Croix, Setyr, Humminbird, Aqua- VU, Vexilar, Spinner Bait by War Eagle, terminator, Booyah, Strike King, Johnson, Nichols lures, Burgerman, Musky Baits by Delong, Storm Mepps, Live Bait and more!
This state is known for its dairy production mainly cheese and farming, but besides there being lots of farming their are Rivers and Lakes including the Wisconsin River.  Since it is cold in this state they do a lot of Ice Fishing, Fly Fishing and Fresh Water Fishing, so for this reason being their are Bait and Tackle Shops throughout the city of and stock up on items such as; Lures by Flicker Shad, Flicker Minnows, Husky Jerk Fishing, Reef Runner Skinny Bait, Salmo, Jigs by Tommy Harris, Tyrant Jigging and more.  Most Shops can also make Custom Lures Painted Walleye and Muskie tackle.  You can usually get live local Bait as well in the shop like wigglers, butter worms, Neon Night Crawlers, Leeches, crab tails and specializing in Bass, Pike Catfish, Panfish, Trout and Salmon in this state.  Most shops have Fishing Guide Service and sell Ice, their is a big selection of Rods by Names like Quantum, Mitchell, Daiwa, Okuma,Shimano, Reels, Sunglasses, Jigs, Spinners, Line Winding, Reel Cleaning and so much more.  

This state is in the southern region of the US, the state has many Rivers, Swamps, Coastal Marshlands, barrier island, beaches and is on the Atlantic Ocean, the land has many salt domes from several hundred years ago when the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico Opened up.  One of the pastimes here for locals and visitors is fishing, so when preparing for the trip stop by your local Bait and Tackle Shop in the city of and pick up your supplies Rods for Crappie by Name Brands like BNM, Lew’s Hi Tech, Wohali, Fly Fishing, Reels by Pflueger, Tightline, Uncle Buck’s, Mr. Crappie, Martin Fly, Martin Caddis, Slaters, Bucks Best, Zebco, Spin and Spin Cast Reels by Zebco, Daiwa, Spider Rings by Tite Lok Black Widow Spider, Lures, plastic Jigs, Hair Jigs by Bobby Garland, Soft Baits, Crank Baits, Spinner Baits by Johnson and H & H, Hard Baits, Hooks by Crappie Jighead, Fishing Lines by Sufix, Flourocarbon, Braid Lines, Weights Eagle Claw, Floats Sinkers, Panfish Spinners, inshore Baits, Jerk baits and much more.    
This states name means large water or large Lake, Michigan is on two peninsulas the only state in the US to be.  The one penisula has the longest Freshwater Coastline it also has Lakes and Ponds, ideal for Fishing.  So, when testing the waters out and planning a Fishing Trip stop by the local Bait and Tackle shops in the area.  In the city of they sell many fishing accessories like electric knives, Tackle boxes, Down Riggers, obtain daily or seasonal Fishing Licenses while there.  You can get Fishing maps, Fishing Books and Guides, Fishing videos, register for fishing tournaments, Charters, get the daily Fishing Report and more.  Need Lures and Jigging Minnows by HT Enterprises, Rapala, Strikemaster, Wahoo Bullets, Mini Bullets, Large Bullets, Soft Heads, Aluminum Plugs, mini Projet Plugs, Slayer PlugsFeather Jet, Grander, get Reels by Jet, Penn Intl, Shimano, Diawa, Dolphin, Lindgren-Pitman, Traxtech Planer Reel, Traxtech Pulley Retriever and many others all different shapes, colors and sizes. 
This state has may forest but also has many Riverfront and Bay area communities and is in part on the Gulf Coast Ocean as well.  The residents of this laid back crop planting subtropical state do a lot of fishing, its cheap and being that this state is one of the poorest in the nation, it makes sense that this is a recreation pastime but for some it’s a means of eating and living since their is plenty of fish here.  Mississippi has many local family owned Bait and Tackle Shops throughout the state, in the city of pick up your fishing supplies or drop off your Reels for Cleaning or Repairs.  The shops carry a full line of Reels, Rods for Deep Drop, Grouper Series, Snapper Series, Swordfish Series, Jig and Plug, Kite Rods, Wireline Rods, Pier, Surf and Jetty, with Name Brands like KC Series, Shark Series, Shore Bound Spin, T-Series and more.  In most shops if they don’t carry or have an item in stock that your looking for most shops have Custom Order Services for custom Lures or Reels, just ask for it.  
This state has one of the largest navigable inland waterways in the entire US, Alabama is in the southern part of the country as is known as the cotton state.  The residents here enjoy Salt water and Fresh Water Fishing when in Alabama stop by a Bait and Tackle shop in the city of and pick up any necessary supplies like Flipping Weights, Worm Weights, Fishing Apparel for Boys and Girls, Lures, like Bull Shads, fishing line by Gamma Line, P-Line, Seaguar,Fishing Rods by Duckett Micro Magic Pro Casting Rods, Terex Casting Rods, Megabass levante Spinning Rods, 6th Sense Flow Glider, Hardbaits, Duo Realis Spinbait, Lucky Craft, Strike King, River 2 Sea, Hooks like Lake Fork Frog Tall Hook all size hooks big and small.  If you need a reel look into Name Brands like Duckett, Lew’s Casting Reel, Abu Garcia reel, and Daiwa these are popular in this state because of the fish here.  The tackle shops can also give pointers to good fishing spots and most offer Free Lake or River maps and can assist you with adjusting or fixing your equipment. 
This state is in the southern part of the United States, this state is known as the country music capital where famous singers like Elvis Presley began his recording career.  Tennessee has all four seasons and has a mixture of hills, forest, Lakes, Rivers, Streams and Ponds many local residents and tourist alike visit the country music capital but also take the time to enjoy the serene natural and natural resources found in Tennessee and this includes a quiet time to drop a line and fish.  So, while visiting TN so what the locals do and stop by the Bait and Tackle Shops in the city of  and pick up essentials, shops sell complete lines of Hooks, Sinkers, Floats, Terminal Tackle, Live Bait such as Worms, Night Crawlers, Minnows Rods and Reels New and Used, Trade Ins are sometimes available at the shops.  The shops can assist you assembling your Rods and offers Reel Repair and Custom Rod and Reel Building.  While their ask about the Fishing Report for the day or week to better help you reel them in.
This state known as the Blue Grass because of it’s fertile soil also for it’s blue grass music and Kentucky fried chicken but many locals and visitors enjoy the Rivers, and it has worlds longest navigable Watercave system.  Freshwater is common here so before heading out to fish go by the bait and Tackle shop in the city of  and pick up whatever items you need or want like Hooks, Swivels & beads, JigHeads, Sinkers, Splitshots, Leaders, Cyalume Light Sticks, Carolina & Texas Rigs, tackle Boxes, Rain Gear, Catfish Bait, Fishnets, Spinner Bait Parts, Dip N Glow Worm Dye, Lake and River Maps.  Need Live bait you can find local Minnow Buckets, Nightcrawlers, Redworms, Wax Worms, Green Worms, Leeches and more.  Need a Rod or just want to replace it Look for Name Brands like Falcon, Shakespere, Penn Rods, Ol’ Whiskers, Sportman’s for Reels check out Shimano, Abu Garciua, Master, Zebco and more.  Don’t forget the Fishing line with a wide variety of textures and widths by Trilene, Stren, Spiderwire, P-Line, Danielson and more. 
In this state the name Ohio means Great River or Large Creek also known as the Buckeye State because of its many trees.  The state has 312 miles of Coastline on Lake Erie and it has many Rivers the Ohio River on the north side and many others throughout that state great for Fishing.  When in Ohio and making a day of fishing make sure to swing by the city of  and pick up all the necessities Fly Rods, Fly Reels, Fly Lines and Backing, Fly Boxes, Boots, Vests, Sunglasses, Yeti Coolers, Lures, Fishing Apparel Men, Women and Kids, like Buffs, Chaos Shirts, Pelagic Gear, Bullets tiny to large, Slayers, Wahoo Slayers, Soft Heads, Feather Jets, Grander with Name Brands like Orvis, Sage, Patagonia, Filson, Barbour, Simms.  Some other Name Brand Products include Howler Brothers, Cliff Outdoors, Kuhl, Pro Sportfisher, Trout Beads, Bertucci Water Watches, Angler’s Sport Group.  Most Tackle Shops offer Lessons, Fishing event calendars Guided Tours, Fishing Trips, Fishing Reports, Videos, Live Bait, Ice and more.
This state is in the north part of the country and is one of the original 13 colonies of the US Pennsylvania has a fiftyone mile coastline along Lake Erie so a lot of Fly Fishing happens here.  When fishing in PA so by one of the local mom and pop Bait and Tackle shops located throughout the city of  where you can find an array of gear, supplies and equipment.  Choose from Aerators, Bait Buckets, Boat accessories, Boppers, Bait Knives and Tools, Hooks, Lures, Nets, Reels, Rigs, Rods, Sinkers, Tackle Boxes, Line and Vests.  Most Shops carry Name Brands like Eagle Claw, Rydon, Berkley, Rapala, Plastilit, Stren Fishing, Plano Tackle, Shimano, US Reel, Water Gremlin, Worden’s, Rock River, Daiwa and many more.  For Reels choose from Baitcaster, Penn, Dolphin, Lindgren Pitman and more.  For Rods try Kite, Teaser Wireline, for Pier and Surf Rods try the KC Series, Shark series, Shore Bound Spin, T Series, Loomis, Calrus, Fenwick, Shakespeare, Pinnacle.   Need Bait as for like Heddon, Kastmasters, Zoom, Strike King and others depending on what type of fish you
This state is in the northeastern part of the country and borders the Atlantic Ocean, this state is diverse and have four of the most visited by tourist destinations in the world including Times Square, Central Park, Niagara Falls and Grand Central bit this state has something for everyone’s hobbies including Fishing.  There are many Bays, Lakes and Ocean to go fishing many people hop on a Fishing Charter Boat and enjoy the day with family and friends.  When fishing in New York stop by the local Bait and Tackle Shops in the city of  and pick up Reels for Fresh Water Spinning Reels, Baitcasting Reels, Saltwater Spinning Reels, Lever Drag Reels, Star Drag Reels, Line Counter Reels, Electric Reels all with Name Brands like Ciitica, Curado and Stella.  Need a new Rod or just want to change it shops carry Fly Rods, Saltwater Rods, Carp Rods, Musky Rods, Salmon Steelhead Rods, Jigging Rods, Travel Rods, Surf Rods, Offshore Rods and Stand Up Rods.  Don’t forget to pick up some extra Line, Bait, Tools and Apparel all for the big day.
This state is the northwest most state in the whole US, this state is known for its Seafood Cuisine like Fish, Lobster and Clams it is east of the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean.  The waterways are breath taking with a rocky coastline, lighthouses, Beaches, Fishing Villages, many offshore islands and this makes it an ideal state for Fishing.  When fishing in Maine stop by the city of  and pick up your fishing license and all your gear and equipment and get the local fishing report and forecast all at the local tackle shops.  If Ice Fishing don’t forget to pick up your cork holders, stabilizers, D. B. Smelts, Gees Minnow Trap, Heritage Flags, Saco Bay Tackle, Winter Hats, Ice Fishing Boots and more.  Need Spring or Summer Fishing apparel most shops carry Name Brands like Saco, Buffs, Chaos Shirts and Pelagic Gear.  For regular recreational Fishing check out Name Brands like McGlaughlin Series, Ozzie Jig, Sea Wolf Bait Rig, Jigs and Plugs.  If Fishing for Tuna pick up a Harpoon Shank, Gaffs, Boone Tuna Bag these fish can run quite large when caught, Gamakatsu Bait Circle Hook and pulley.
This state is seventy five percent forest and is the major producer of syrup for the United States, but locals enjoy the Rivers to do some all year around Fresh Water Fishing.  The Rivers in Vermont you can catch Bass, Salmon, Pickerel, Poke, Eels and other species from Ice Fishing during the Winter to Spring Trout Fishing in the Spring and Summer.  While visiting stop by the city of  and visit a bait and Tackle Shop, their serve all types of Anglers, they can answer all your questions and give you tips on your fishing style.  Most shops carry all you essentials needed for a great fishing experience such as Rods, Reels available with names like Baitcaster, Big Game, Conventional, Electric, Off Shore Spinning Penn Battle, Conquer, Shimano, Ice Fishing Rods, Bait, Tools, Gaffs, Lures for Bullet Metal, Jets, Slayers, Soft Head, Tuna Sticks, Replacement parts and Jet.  Most local Live Baits available are Arkansas Shiners, Suckers, Fathead Minnows, Rosi-Reds, Leeches and Crawfish.
This state has a lot of history founded in 1620 by the pilgrims, it is where the Plymouth was made and this state has the oldest High Education Institute Harvard University.  This state also has a lot of bodies of water with many Large Bays, the Charles River and Atlantic Ocean all great for Fresh Water or Salt Water Fishing.  Within the city of  there are many Tackle and Bait Shops, to get all of your Fishing Gear and Equipment to catch the big one whether it be Fly Fishing, Ice Fishing, Sport Fishing or just recreational Fishing.  With Name brands on Rods like Sage, St. Croix TFO, Wild Water, Echo, Redington and many more.  For Deep Drops, Jig and Plug, Wireline, KC Series, Shark Series, Spinning.  Looking for Reels try names like Shimano, Sedona, Ross, Hardy, Rio, Airflow, Scientific Anglers and others, don’t forget to pick up a Vest, Tackle Tool Box, Extra Fishing Line, Weights, Nets, Hooks and more.  Pick up your live bait while you  get your rod and reel tuned up most offer repairs and maintenance on equipment.
This state is in the New England part of the country, the state slogan is “Live Free or Die” home to the New Hampshire Motor Speed Way but fishing is also a recreational sport here with the Atlantic Ocean to the East.  While visiting New Hampshire stop by the city of  there are many Bait and Tackle shops, that carry all your fishing needs.  If you need Lures, the Sutton 61 by Moosalamoo is a flutter type paper thin spoon lure, good for Trout and Salmon catching all different colors and shapes.  If you are into Ice Fishing, New Hampshire tackle shops have State of the Art Bait Tanks with temperature control keeping shiners, smelt, suckers and cray fish lively and healthy.  Find other supplies such as Ice Jig Rods, Reel Combos, Fishing Lines, Weights, Fillet Knives, underwater camera and more.  They carry Ion Electric Ice Angers light weight and easy you can clear holes 8” to 10” with names like Shark Z51 and Eskimo HC 40, most tackle shops have a second hand section which is used equipment in good condition and at a good price.  
This is a mid Atlantic state, this is a small state only 96 miles (154 km) long making it the second smallest in the country, but it delightful to live and visit.  If you are an outdoors man and enjoy nature and fishing Delaware is a quiet and calm state to enjoy the fishing tranquility of the sport a mist nature.  While there are only three counties in Delaware there are plenty of Bait and Tackle Shops within the city of find all your fishing supplies for Salt Water or Fresh Water.  The Tackle shops can help you get on a charter or with answer any questions about seafood storage or Bait options Live or Fake, Composite or E-Class, they can pin point you to hot spots for the type of fishing you are interested in and some tackle shops provide free fishing reports or maps.  Most tackle shops have plenty of supplies in stock like Fishing Tools and Tackle Boxes, Hooks, Lines, Hats, Lures, Weights, Nets Spears, Reel, Rods for Trolling Fishing Rods try out Name Brands IGFA- Aftco and IGFA- Stuart.
This state is in the Northeastern part of the country, and is on the Atlantic Ocean the famous television based program Jersey Shore is filmed here and the Hudson River flows through it, this state gets all four seasons, so deciding to go fishing and drop a line is usually ideal here.  The state has a variety of fish from Bluefish, Striped Bass, Fluke, Weakfish and many more species.  Within the city of  you can find Tackle shops they have all your fishing supply needs and wants and some that specialize in Custom works.  So if your interested in a Custom Fishing Lure like Super Glowing for Tuna, Wahoo, Marlin and Swordfish catching Ballyhoo Pin Rigs and more, Fishing Rods; Parabolic Stand Up, Trolling Rods, Custom Jigging & Popping Rods, Inshore and Offshore Models, Tackle and much more! Look for Name Brands such as Surfcaster and others.  Many tackle shops will also sell Poppers and Slidders, Teasers, Hooks, Charts, Bucktails, Lure Bags, Daisy Chains, Fishing maps, Fishing Apparel and Hats, Live Bait and Gas.
This state is known as the Constitution state, this state has a River that flows through the middle of the state.  To fish in the state you need a license for either freshwater or salt water and these can be bought online or at any Tackle Fishing Shop throughout the state and city of .  Tackle shops are key to any good fishing experience, these shops can answer questions, help you build or assemble your Rod and Reel, they sell Lures from mini to large sizes and some shops sell Custom Made Lures for those Special Species Fishing Trips wether it be for River Fishing, Stream Fishing, Lake Fishing or Deep Sea Fishing.  Tackle Shops can sell all different types of Reels like Conventional Reels by Penn GTO, Senator, Penn Torque Lever, Shimano Talica, Shimano TLD, Shimano Torsa and Shimano Trindad A.  Looking for Fishing Rods for Pier/Surf/Jetty look for the KC Series, Shark Series, Shore Bound Spin, T-Series and more.  Stand Up Rods include Battlewagon, Classic Inshore, Classic Offshore, Tuna and Big Game.
This state is the smallest state in whole US, and became the first of the thirteen colonies, it’s official nickname is the Ocean State.  All for that reason there is some good fishing to be had here, they have many Bays and Inlets also.  In the city of  there are many Tackle Shops   while in the shops pick up a Rode Island Fishing Report it gives the weeks Fishing Forecast, plus other useful information.  While in the Tackle shops inquire about what new Reels are available some Electric Reels are Diawa, Dolphin, Lindgren-Pitman and others.  Most Tackle shops offer Live Fresh Bait, Frozen Saltwater Bait or Frozen Fresh water Bait, the shops usually have Rod and Reel Repair and some tackle shops sell New and Used Rods and Reels.  Tackle Shops carry Hooks, Lures, Sinkers, Maps, Ice, Fishing Apparel, Hats, Plugs and much more.  Tackle shops can also steer you in the best direction to find what type of fish you are interested in hunting, Charters Boats are also available for Sports Fishing or Recreational Catch and Eat Trips.
This state is the main producer of natural gas in the US and is settled by American Indians and Whites it is in the center of the US.  This state has Dams and Rivers.  Locals here like to fish, and with some many Tackle Shops close by you can get everything you need from Hooks, Weights, Stringers, tackle Boxes, Minnow Nets, Bobby Garlands, popular live bait in this state is crawdads, waterdogs, meal worms, night crawlers, glow worms, gold fish, cricket, red worms, shrimp and more.  Some tackle shops offer current fishing information about area Lakes and Rivers, Fishing advise and Tips, Rod and Reel set up or clean up, Rod and Reel Repairs and Custom Built Rods.  Some shops have apparel for Men, Woman and Kids, Hats, Vest, Nets, Coolers, Sunglasses, Lure making lessons, Guided Fishing Tours, Fishing Tournaments and more.  Most carry Name Brands like Penn, Shimano, Baitcaster, Diawa, Dolphin, Lindgren-Pitman, Zebco, Berkley, Quantum, Okuma, Shakespeare.  Some shops will deliver bait right to your location, and can help you find a rent a boat also. 
This small state is named after an Native American and means people of the wind, this state has many Rivers running through it like the Kansas River, and others.  There are plenty of Tackle Shops in the city of  they sell all of your fishing needs, River Maps, Lure Making Supplies, Fishing Reports, Fishing News, videos, the stores carry Lures, Tackle, Boys and Girls clothing, Hats, Sunglasses, Rods and Reels by Fenwick Elite Series, Redington, Bass Pro, Cortland, Loomis, Duckett, Powell, St. Croix, Daiwa, Zeiner’s.  Many shop offer custom made Rods and Reels, Lures, Nets, Tackle Boxes, Lines, Tools, Vests, Live or Frozen Bait for all different fish and more. Some shops offer Lessons on Lure making and Fishing Techniques, Guided Trips, the shops personnel are knowledgable and can give advise on  equipment.  most shops offer trade in value for used Rods and Reels, their are many different Rods for different fishing types, Fly Fishing or Deep Fishing, Drift Fishing, Sport Fishing and more.    
This is the second of the largest land states in the country, but it has plenty of water in and around it, Salt Water and Fresh Water including streams.  Residents and visitors alike enjoy the lakes you will often see people fly fishing out and about TX, with many different Tackle shops to choose from throughout the city of .  Fly Fishing is a popular sport here, most shops carry Fishing boxes, Apparel for Boys and Girls, Rods, Reels, Nets, fishing Tools, Vests, Fly Tying, Leaders & Tippet, Knives, Coolers, Hats and more.  Find Name Brands like Penn Battle, Shimano, Baitcaster, Grouper Series, Snapper Series, Swordfish Series, for Jetty fishing try KC Series, Shark Series, Shore bound Spin, T-Series.  For standup Rods, try Battlewagon, Classic Inshore, Classic Offshore, Tuna & Big Game.  Don’t forget to pick up you Jig and Plug and bait.  Most shops have new and used gear, can offer advise on fishing trips and local spots for fishing, can give you the fishing forecast for the day or week.
This state has many Lakes part of the Great Lakes Region, the name itself means clear blue water, the state has some of the oldest rocks found on earth.  While in MN take a little while to take in the nice Lakes and forest surrounding them, great to go fishing with your friends and family.  Stop by one of the many Bait and Tackle Shops throughout the city of  they carry a wide variety of fishing gear and equipment and bait.  Find all your tackle needs by names you know like Fiska, Marmooska, Flirty Girty, Fairy Jig, Gamakatsu, Snyders and more.  Find Boobers, Gaff, Jaw Spreader, Filet Knife, Lantern Parts, Coolers, Hooks, Nets, Maps, Fishing Videos, fish measure and release trays, Hats and Books.  Pick up some bait while your there either frozen or live like leeches, salted minnows, worms, larva and more.  Some shops will deliver bait right to your location and offer repairs on rods and reels plus offer trade ins for new and used rods which all types of fishing rod styles available.
This state is known for its tornadoes and thunderstorms and it is located in the midwestern part of the country.  Missouri has subtropical weather in the summers local people and tourist enjoy doing some fishing, you can find many Bait and Tackle Shops throughout the city of .  You can find just about anything you need for your fishing trip at the shops, find out local hot spots to fish and get the local fishing report too.  Pick up Rods even electric ones like Diawa. Dolphin, and Lindgren Pitman, and Reels with names like Powell, Eagle Claw, Shakespeare, Shimano, Quantum, Zebco, Abu Garcia and Lews.  Pick up some live Bait like composite, Shrimp, Shiner Minnows, Night Crawlers, Goldfish and more.  Pick up some Lures all different colors, sizes and textures, most shops offer Lake Guide Services, that include the bait and boat.  Find all your fishing tools and gear like nets, hooks, weights, fishing line, buckets, coolers, ice and assorted tackle.  Some shops offer fishing tournaments and give prizes, some shop offer free rod and reel cleaning.
This state in the midwest is bordered by the Mississippi River and Big Sioux River and has some lakes in between the state.  When in Iowa stop by one of the many Bait and Tackle shops in the city of  there you can pick up Fishing Rods by name brands like St. Croix, for Deep Drop, Grouper Series, Swordfish Series, Jig and Plug, Teaser and Wireline.  Pier and Jetty Rods by KC Series, Shark Series, Shore Bound Spin, T-Series, Spinning Rods for flats and backwater, Inshore Spin, Offshore Spin, Stand Up Rods by Battlewagon, Classic Inshore, Classic Offshore, Tuna and Big Game, Trolling Rods by IGFA, AFTCO.  The tackle shops have more than just Rods they carry many accessories, like Gaffs, Lure replacement Parts, Apparel Gear for Boys and Girls by buffs, Chaos and Pelagic, Lures bullet Metal in various sizes from mini to large, Jets Metal Mini ProJet, Pro Grander, Sprayers, Soft Head, Tuna Sticks in aluminium plugs, mini project plugs, Slayer Plugs.  Need a new Reel pick one up with with names like Baitcaster, Penn and Shimano.
This state is located in the northwest part of the country, this state has many Bays that were carved out from Glaciers.  When in Washington visit the natural glacier Bays and do some Fishing with friends and family, stop by a Bait and Tackle shop in the city of @ and pick up a fishing license, Bay and River conditions.  Pick up a New or Used Rod and Reel with Name Brands like Bass Pro they have combos in Spincast, Baitcast and Classic Spinning or Bionic Trigger Rods these Rods have Powerhump Grip or Shimano Round Reel, this is a classic round Reel.  Carrying other Name Brands like Penn Reels and Rods for all types of Fishing Deep Drop, Grouper Series, Snapper Series, Swordfish Series.  While at the tackle shop pick up Lures with a variety of choices like Spinning or Bucktail, Jets Metal, Slayers, Soft Heads, Bullets and many more.  You can find Electric Reels like Diawa, Dolphin, Lindgren-Pitman and more.  Tuna Sticks, Aluminum plugs, Mini Pro Jet Plug and others.  Pick up some Live or Frozen Bait, and some expert advise on different fishing questions.
This state is known for its great snow skiing location with the Rocky Mountains amid the state, Colorado also has great Rivers like the Colorado River which was used back in the day by the Spanish to transport goods from down the mountains.  This River and other Lakes are ideal for fishing, stop by the Tackle Shop in the city of @ and pick up some Live Bait, Lures, Coolers, Ice, Fishing Rods and Reels with Name Brands like Eagle Claw, Pflueger, Abu Garcia, Quantum, Mitchell, St. Croix, 13, Fenwick and many more.  Live Baits include minnows, waterdogs, night crawlers, leeches, wax worms, power bait includes dough bait, power eggs and power nuggets in a variety of colors.  Ice Fishing is a popular sport here and Tackle Shops, carry both power and manual augers, vexilars, custom tied jigs and more.  Most Tackle shops provide lessons on different types of fishing including the boat, lunch, gear and bait.  Some shops customize casting, trolling, fly fishing bass, pike trout, salmon and other types of fishing.    
In this state there are rocky mountains and hills but in the middle of the state their are water creeks, and Rivers that flow.  Local residents and visitors alike take in the nice mountain views while doing some fishing, stop by your Bait and Tackle Shop in the city of @ you can pick up a few things.  Most tackle shops sell minnows, night crawlers, wax worms, Maggots, catfish, beef heart, scent for catfish and others.  At the tackle shops you can find out about the fishing report for the day, Maps, Weights, Nets, Line, Floating Bait Holders, Hand Tied Jigs, Sunglasses, Coolers, Fishing Tools, Lures, Apparel for Men and Women, Rods for Pier Fishing, Jetty, KC Series, Shark Series, Shore Bound Spin, T Series, Stand Up Rods include Names like Battlewagon, Classic Inshore, Classic Offshore, Tuna and Big Game.  Their are also Kite Rods, Teaser Dredge Rods, Wireline Rods, Reel with name brands like Shimano, Penn, Diawa, Dolphin and Lindgren-Pitman.  Find Gaffs, Lure Replacement parts, some shops will assemble your New Rod and Reel or offer trade ins.
This state has a very warm and hot climate throughout the year, the state is mainly desert, there are some bodies of water around to fish.  The state has a water supply shortage and many residents, when heading out to the Water stop by your local Tackle Shop in the city of @.  At the Tackle Shops you can pick up Spinnerbaits, Buzz Bait, Seep Runners, Viberators, HD Spinnerbaits, Jigs, Hedz with Darter Hedz, Swimbait Hedz, Football Hedz, Flippin Wackers, Punch Hedz, Sppons, Jiggin Spoons, Tail Spinners and more.  Pick up Fishing Tools, Nets, Coolers, Line, Weights, Fishing Scales, for Reels they have Baitmaster, Big Game, Conventional, Electric, Offshore Spinning with names like Penn, Shimano Tiagra, Tynos, Torsa, for Offshore fishing pick up Penn Battle, Penn Conquer, Penn Slammer, Penn Spheros, Shimano Stella, Penn Thunnus and more.  For Spinning Fishing Reels try Penn Spinfisher, Shimano Stella, Shimano Stradic and more.  While in the shop pick up some fishing tutorial videos, fishing books, or book a lesson.
This is a mountainous state known for growing it’s Potatoes, does have Rivers and Lakes a great place to relax and get some fishing done.  When in Idaho, stop by a Tackle Shop in the city of @ and pick up a few things for the trip.  The Tackle Shop sell a variety of Accessories, Gear and Equpitment, with Name Brands like Bass Pro, Gamma, Pline, Stren, Izorline, Maxima, Power Pro, Berkley, Sufix and Tufline.  Looking for a New Fishing Rod check out these Names Brands Shakespeare, Fenwick, G-Loomis, Lamiglas, Shimano, Eagle Claw, Ugly Stick, Okuma, Zebco and Bass Pro.  Need a Fishing Reel for Casting, Spinning and Lever Drag Reel with Names like Abu Garcia, Daiwa, Penn, Quantum, Okuma, Tica and more.  Fishing Line, by Pline, Izorline, Maxima, Tufline and others, looking for Hooks all different sizes by Mustad, Vision, Gamakatsu, Breads and Danielson.  Get Live or Frozen Bait like meal worms, squid, eel, herring, gulp, smelly Jelly, plus all the fishing Plugs and Lures from Spinner, Plastics, Rubber Worms and Flies.  
This state is in the upper western part of the country known as the Great Plains, the Red River is split between North Dakota and Minnesota.  The Prairie River and Lake Sakakawea are used by many locals many of which are Native Americans live in North Dakota, to do some fishing.  Fishing is liked among the community here, when in North Dakota stop by the city of@ and visit your local Tackle Shop and pick up any gear accessories you might need for your day on the water.  The have all types of Lures, like PK Spoon, PK Flutter Fish, PK Predators and all the PK Brand Line.  You can pick up tips and tricks on how to best use the PK Lures to make the big catch, from the staff or pick up and educational fishing video.  You can also pick up live or frozen bait, fishing tools, nets, fishing apparel, hats, coolers, weights, Line all different thickness, choose Rods and Reels for all types of fishing with Name Brands like Penn which carry a full line of Offshore Spinning, Big Game and Conventional check out Shimano and also.
This state is known for it’s beautiful landscape with volcanic surrounding, Surfing and Fishing Oceans and culture, when visiting the Island Hawaii make sure you stop by the city of @ and visit the Bait and Tackle Shop.  The Tackle shop have all the necessary gear, equipment and accessories for Fresh or Salt Water Fishing like Conventional Reels, Spinning Reels, Casting Rods, Spinning Rods, Attractants, Bait Rigs, Minnow Lures, Spoons, Squid Baits, Swim Baits, Rock Cod Rigs, Casting Rods, Spinning Rods, Hard Baits, Panfish, Gloves, Fishing Lines, Sunglasses, Leader Line, Hard and Soft Tackle Boxes, Tools, Coolers, Scales, Knives, Weights, Rods for Deep Drop Fishing try out the grouper, Snapper, and Swordfish, Jig and Plug, Kite, Teaser and Wireline Rods. Looking for a new Reel try out Baitcaster, Big Game, Conventional, Electric Reels, Offshore Spinning, Names Brands like Daiwa, Megabass, Shimano and many more.  Need parts for your Rod or Reel most tackle shops offer repairs and cleaning services.  
This is the largest state by area in the US it is bordered with Russia on the East and to the South it has the Pacific Ocean on the North is the Arctic Ocean.  Fishing here is a way of life not only for survival but to sell one of the most popular types of fish here is Salmon and Ice Fishing is very common here.  When in Alaska stop by the city of @ and check out the Tackle Shops, they carry Fishing Poles, Fishing Licenses, Tackle Boxes, Lures, Reels, Weights, Hooks, Line, Bait, Nets, Casting Rods, Spinning Rods, Fly Rods and Reels with Brand Names such as Galvan, Lamson, Tibor, Fenwick, Abu Garcia, Penn, Sage, Thomas and Thomas, Lamiglas, Ross, Redington, Valentine, Hardy, Cortland, Rio, Shimano and many others.  Most Tackle Shops offer Guide Services to help you Fish in this tough climate, they know the best spots where the ice may not be so thick and can help you use the Fishing hole Ice Cutter Tool, special gear like tents, lighting, Spears and all your other necessities for fishing.   
This state is grows many different crops the land has very fertile soil and the state gets all four seasons it is also home to National Mount Rushmore.  This state also has a Fresh Water Rivers on the east side and one on the west side of the state, ideal for fishing with friends and family.  The city of @ has many Bait and Tackle shops throughout they carry all your fishing needs covered, Meter Tackle is great for fishermen no matter what type of water they are fishing in clear or cloudy and they come in assorted colors for that Trophy fish of a day.  These Tackle Shops can give you tips on the best fishing spots and information about the fishing report for the day.  They sell Walleye kits, Jig Kits, Live Bait Spinners, Quick Change Spinners, Colorburst Spinner, Zebras and Fish Scales, Floating Diamond and Willow Spinner, Custom Sets, Bottom Bouncers, Components, Rigs, Spoons, Rigged Bodies, Rods New and Used with Name Brands, Reels, Videos, Nets, Vests, Boys and Girls fishing style clothes and much more.
This state is located in the southwest part of the country this state is known for its mountains and rock formations, while this state doesn’t have too much natural water it does have a little.   The locals and visitors alike enjoy fishing at the River or Lake, stop by a local Bait and Tackle Shop in the city of @ and pick up all the necessities for the trip, whether your doing Boat Fishing or Fly Fishing, the sell Rods all types like Salmon Fly Rods, Trout Rods, Spinning Bait Rods, Reels, Lines & Leaders, Clothing like Fishing Vests, Tackle Boxes, Fish Coolers, Waders and Boots, Fly Tying & Hooks, Tinsels, Thread, Nets, Lures by Rolla Silver, Mepps, Abu Garcia, Devils Own, Stucki, Copper and Silver Long Spoon, Kilty Kerryman and more.  Split Rings, Nippers and Zingers, Bits and Bobs, Fish Scales, some shops offer trade ins or sell used Tackle, Live Bait, Offshore Spinning by Penn, Shimano, Deep Drop Rods by Grouper Series, Snapper Series and Swordfish Series.  For Trolling Rods try IGFA, for Pier and Jetty Rods Name Brands  like KC Series, Shark series, Shore Bound Spin, and T-Series.
This state is centered around Salt Lake City this state is has the most of Mormon members in the country and known as one of the four corner states.  There are many Fresh Water Lakes here and cliffs that surround them making it a scenic view to do some fishing on the Lake.  On the day of the fishing trip experience go by one of the city’s @ Tackle Shops and pick up all your needed gear and equipment, or maybe just up upgrade it.  Whatever type of fishing you will be doing wether Boat Fishing, Deep Drop Fishing, Pier Fishing, Fly Fishing or Sport Fishing you can find all the different types of Rods and Reels with name brands like Kite, Teaser, Wireline, KC Series, Shark Series, Shore Bound Spin, T-Series, Inshore Spin, Offshore Spin, Battlewagon, Classic Onshore, Off Shore, Tuna and Big Game.  Pick up Hooks, Lures, Weights, Accessories, Hats, Coolers, Videos and more.  With Name Brands like Abu Garcia, Mepps, Rapala, Berkley, Mitchell, Rocky Mountain Tackle, Daiwa, Shakespeare, Danielson Panter Martin, St. Croix, Eagle Claw, Penn, Fenwick, Northland, Trilene and others. 
This states name come from the Spanish word mountain, this state has Rivers, and Lakes, its Rivers flow into the Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and other Bays.   While visiting Montana stop by one of the mom and pop tackle shops and pick up some supplies for the fishing trip, like Fly Boxes, Fly Reels Galvan Reels, Waterworks Lamson Reel, Nautilus Reels, Fly Rod, Fly Tying, Flasks, Fishing Lighting, Live Bait, Coolers, Nets, Tools, Mugs, Fishing Eyewear, Gloves, Vests, Packs, Waders, Men and Women Fishing Clothing like Buffs, Chacos Shirts and Pelagic Gear.  Name brands like Simms, Sage, Patagonia, RL Winston, Fishpond, Hatch, St. Croix, Sage, RL Winston, Galvan, Waterworks, Lamson, and Montana Fly Company.  Choose from a variety of Lures Metal Bullet in tiny to large sizes, Wahoo Bullets, Jets Metal Lures, mini Pro Jet, Pro Grander, Slayers in Mini and Pro, Conventional Penn GTO, Penn Senator, Shimano Tymos and many others.  Tackle shops are knowledgeable and can give you pointers on the best local fishing spots and can help you assemble you Rod and Reel. 
This state is mainly desert and on its western edge of the state theirs water, the name is Spanish for snow covered.  Many local residents head to the west part of the state to go swimming and Fishing in the Lake.  On your way to drop a line in the city of @ there are some Bait and Tackle shops where you can get all your supplies for a day out on the water.  The Tackle shops sells all the gear you’ll need Reels for Baitcast, Spinning, Spincast, Saltwater and Fly Fishing.  Rods and Specialty Rods, Lures both soft and hard, Salt Water Baits, Bass Jigs, Sinkers, Jig Heads, Float, Vests, Fishing Lines, Hooks, Weights, Sunglasses, Fish Scales, Waders and Water Shoes.  Many Name Brands like Bass Pro Shop, Offshore Angler, G. Loomis, Shakespeare, Eagle Claw, Ande, B & M, Bait Stik, Falcon, Fenwick, Lew’s, Tsunami, Penn, Duckett Fishing, Clam, Lamiglas, Okuma, Shimano, St. Croix, Temple Fork, Daiwa, Berkley, Abu Garcia, Blackfin Rods, Bimini Bay, B & M, Okuma, Browning Fishing and many more to choose from.
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